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Just because you're a creative person doesn't mean you're a visual artist. If you are finding your image does not match that of your idols, research the foundations of what makes artwork successful and how you can benefit from it. Our Music Design course will aid you in grounding an understanding of music art.
Module 1Why is the look of your branding so important?
Understanding how important it is to pay special attention to your artist artwork - logos, cover art, theming, merch etc.
Unit 1Jeremy Neale - Why Branding is so Important [2:37]
Unit 2Jess Carroll - Importance Of Visuals In A Brand [01:39]
Unit 3Jess Carroll - Why Are Visuals Crucial To Marketing [01:22]
Unit 4Michelle Padovan And Steve Bell - Why Design Branding Is Important [00:52]
Unit 5Michelle Padovan And Steven Bell - Importance Of Brand For Labels [01:58]
Unit 6Michelle Padovan And Steve Bell - Important To Consider Artwork [01:31]
Unit 7Seja - Music Design [1:27]
Module 2Examples of how/why a bands artwork/design brand has boosted sales and awareness
We hear about some specific examples observed by our speakers where a bands artwork has boosted sales and awareness.
Unit 1Michelle Padovan And Steven Bell - Examples Of Design Brand Boosting Sales[00:45]
Module 3How does an artist "find" their brand?
Some advice on how to come up with your artwork and design concepts
Unit 1Alex Zaccaria - Tips On Image, Brand & Message [1:13]
Unit 2Michelle Padovan And Steven Bell - Artists Finding Their Brand [01:24]
Module 4Cool merchandise ideas
Some cool, clever and creative merchandise ideas that have worked for utilising artist music design
Unit 1Jess Carroll - Quirky Merchandising [01:08]
Unit 2Michelle Padovan And Steve Bell - Novel Merchandise Ideas [01:05]
Unit 3Seja - Novel Merch Ideas [0:55]
Module 5Approaching A Designer
What to look for when approaching a designer.
Unit 1Jess Carroll - How To Build A Design Brief [01:19]
Unit 2Michelle Padovan And Steve Bell - What To Look For When Approaching A Designer [01:47]

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