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Alex the Astronaut

"I signed up to music industry inside out because I was starting out as a young artist and I really needed some help understanding how everything worked. It covers all aspects from managers to booking shows and it's been so amazing to have successful industry members share their knowledge through such an easy to work platform. I've watched all the videos I can and I can safely say I wouldn't be in the great position I am as an artist if I hadn't had such and awesome and easy music business and artist education system there to help me along!"

Want a taste?!

Check out this sample course unit 

Course: Artist & DIY Management 

Unit Title: What are the First Steps a Manager Should Take When Starting With a New Artist?

Who is he? Gregg Donovan 


We don’t mean to be all bragging about it, but we’ve scoured the nation to find the best to help you be your best and we’re chuffed to bits with the result. And even better than that, so are our members! Here’s what they’ve been saying...


Just wanted to say – as a teacher I have found the site a great resource and will be trying to get my school to subscribe for next semester. I joined up last month to access a video I thought my student’s might find useful.


High School Music Teacher


I was invited to share some of my reflections, thoughts, and advice on artist management not too long ago with Music Industry Inside Out. As I reached the decision to take extended leave from artist management, I watched my video contributions and thought, “Hey, there is some really great advice there!” I would encourage anyone taking the baton and entering the music business to subscribe and learn from not only me, but so many generous, clever and insightful people.

Leanne De Souza

Executive Director at Association of Artist Managers - AAM Australia


MIIO is a great resource for any artist pursuing the music industry, I recommend it to anyone starting out or has past experience. I loved the article on Endorsements. The conversation about Endorsements came up at band practice so I asked MIIO if they had any information on it. I feel like I asked and they answered with discerning information. The article on Endorsements answered all my questions and more...

Jason Baillie

Songwriter and Music Teacher


Music Industry Inside Out is and has been indispensable for musicians, producers and all music industry roles alike. Martine has done an excellent job at putting together a site for all to learn not only their niche subjects but also a wide variety of material so learn all aspects of the industry

The MIIO music workshop series I attended really helped me to understand more of what goes on behind the scenes and having peers and industry professionals speak and answer any questions we have was invaluable information

All you could need and more to excel in your profession is here, so get learning!

Kieron Williams

Musician / Producer


You never know what you don’t know. But Martine and MIIO know exactly what you don’t know. Don’t ask me how they do it, but they seem to post exactly the thing I didn’t even know I needed, right when I need it. Then that leads me down the worm hole to the rest of the content again… there is so much here.. all good… Sure, you can sit in your little cave, blissfully unaware of what you don’t know that you need to know, or just sign up and dive in.

Peter Fogerty



I attended a bunch of brilliant weekly MIIO workshops covering a huge range of topics to do with the music industry. I then proceeded to join the website and have been slowly engaging with the mountains of super useful content that is basically the golden key to living in the music industry. I really enjoyed the honesty of the presenters and those interviewed on the site, telling their experiences of life in the music industry in a really accessible way & how that helps to create a general sense of community and camaraderie. Get onboard this brilliant and generous insight into the inner workings of the music industry. You don't know what you are missing out on! I would just like to attend more things ! and have more time to check out more of your brilliant content!

Ayden Roberts

Singer/songwrither, Engineer, DIY Musician

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