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"An independent musician's handbook/partner/best friend/companion"

Music Industry Inside Out is every aspiring band manager and independent musician's best friend. It's like having a music industry conference in your bedroom. Bite size chunks of essential music industry knowledge, on your time, in language you understand!

Not just for muso's, this is the definitive hub for essential contemporary music industry knowledge.

Kicking off a career in the music industry is often a daunting task for up-and-coming musicians and entrepreneurs. Without the right business relationships, it can be difficult to know how to bridge the gap between aspiration and a successful career in the music industry. Now, there is a professional development resource – aptly named Music Industry Inside Out – specifically designed to answer those queries, unlocking the secrets of the Australian music industry one question at a time.

Need to learn how to do something TODAY because it's just presented itself in front of you? Not sure how to start booking a national tour? Or even more exciting... an international tour? Been invited to showcase at an international conference or festival? Negotiate a contract? Want to learn how to be a band manager? What about releasing your own musicWhat needs to have been learned tomorrow will need to be learned today. 

25 Video courses and hundreds of how-to articles and interviews

90+ Individual mentors providing priceless advice

1400+ Awesome individual video units of knowledge (33.5 hours worth)

Downloadable factsheets, templates and checklists

Real world career pathway models and advice

Learn how to grow a sustainable career and community

Learn who is who and who does what, what kinds of jobs and career pathways other people have experienced, what organisations you need to know about and issues worrying people working in the industry today. Hear advice and insider tips on how to do things that work well, and what are the commonly observed mistakes best avoided.

Learn how and why music is a business, just like plumbing or running a creative design studio. Which is why, if you are serious about a career in music, you really do need to wrap your head around best industry practice and “upskilling”.

Our massive and always-growing collection of resources includes a fantastic collection of links and downloads that will send music folks into a deep clickhole of learning. We have also compiled a glossary of terms to help demystify music terms and phrases like TM, per diems, sync, tracking and carnet.

Access the country’s best national music business joblistings and a national industry events calendar featuring opportunities, grant information, festival application dates, masterclasses and workshops, networking opportunities and heaps more so you can always have your finger on the pulse, no matter where you are!

All showcased in a fully responsive site that can be used across all your devices for on-the-spot learning.

"Music Industry Inside Out is for anyone who wants to continue to learn and improve their professional work, and listen to some exceptional industry figures sharing their opinions, work advice and anecdotal stories. Some of the content is aimed at absolute beginners but a lot of it is enlightening and inspirational to people already mid-way through their careers."- founder Martine Cotton

  •  Practical, contemporary advice and tips from top music industry figures. We only do interviews with people who know what they are talking about, and who have created their own sustainable careers by developing and adapting to changes in the industry.
  •  Over 45 hours of bite size chunks of essential music industry knowledge, on your time, in language you understand! Let's be real. It's a busy world and not many of us have the time or money to dedicate to doing 3 year courses in our chosen field. But hey, short, specific answers to frequently (and not-so-frequently) asked questions from people who live and breathe music can make all the difference. 
  • Giving you the tools to become your own music industry team. DIY all the way, baby!
  • Membership includes lifetime access to our dynamic private Facebook support group.


(With more on the way...)

Advice for Emerging Artists and Industry Workers

Artist & DIY Management

Understanding Contracts and Music Law

Funding Your Music

Book Keeping & Tax

Booking Gigs

Producing Your Own Events

Touring Nationally & Internationally

Stage Management

Record Labels - A How to

Releasing Your Music

Streaming and Digital Distribution

Understanding Copyright

Recording Your Music

Understanding Album Cycles

Export Your Music (Going International)

How to Apply For Festivals

Music Syncronisation

Marketing & PR Strategies

The Importance of Music Design

Press Kits

Music Orgs and Events You Should Know About

Networking Tips

Contemporary Industry Issues

Meet The Mentors


Just some of the 60+ mentors who have taken the time to offer you great tips and advice in growing your sustainable career!:


L-Fresh The Lion - ARTIST

Maggie Collins - FANS GROUP, BIGSOUND,

Husky Gawenda - HUSKY




Chris O'Neill - APRA National Writers Services

Katie Noonan - ARTIST

Rockin' Scottie Maughan - MUSIC ACCOUNTANT

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See what some of our members have to say:

Alex Lynn Alex The Astronaut

I signed up to music industry inside out because I was starting out as a young artist and I really needed some help understanding how everything worked. It covers all aspects from managers to booking shows and it’s been so amazing to have successful industry members share their knowledge through such an easy to work platform. I’ve watched all the videos I can and I can safely say I wouldn’t be in the great position I am as an artist if I hadn’t had such an awesome and easy music business and artist education system there to help me along!

There are a lot of courses that you can do and books that you can read to assist your music career. Few of them though, are written by people actually involved directly and regularly in the Australian music industry (and a lot of them cost a lot of money). This site has SO much information that is directly relevant, current and practical and considering what you’re getting it’s very very affordable. I’m a business owner and a mentor as well as a writer and performer and I recommend this site constantly to my clients and can’t recommend it enough – as musicians and teachers we’re incredibly fortunate to have a resource like this at our fingertips!

Seamus Kirkpatrick Musician, Music Teacher

Individual Memberships

Individuals can join up for membership on either a $37 monthly or $277 annual pay cycle and can unsubscribe at any time. Membership includes access to 25+ video courses, 90+ mentor interviews and 1400+ unique bite-sized tips on top of the resource lists, lifetime access to our private facebook support group, downloadable checklists/templates and factsheets, the national job listings board, the national events calendar and all our great free blog how-to articles and interviews!

Organisational Memberships

Organisations can purchase memberships for their cohort. Membership includes access to 25+ video courses, 90+ mentor interviews and 1400+ unique bite-sized tips on top of the resource lists, lifetime access to our private facebook support group, downloadable checklists/templates and factsheets, the national job listings board, the national events calendar and all our great free blog how-to articles and interviews! You can cancel membership at any time. Prices are flexible, based on your numbers and start from as low as $25 p/p, p/y. We can offer unique account pages for each member so they can track their progress. 


The brainchild of long-time music industry professional Martine Cotton, Music Industry Inside Out is a members based digital resource providing bite sized video interviews with acclaimed artists and members of the music industry. Launched in October 2014, members are made privy to information such as how to book gigs, self management techniques, tips on technology and preparing for an international tour, among much more.

The idea for Music Industry Inside Out blossomed out of Martineʼs travels around regional and remote Queensland running music business workshops in her former job as QMusic Program Manager. “It struck me that most young musicians and their music-mad friends who want to be band managers or put on their own music events, have no-one to ask questions to,” she says. “There is no way to really learn and understand how to create their own music careers unless they move to the cities – and even then, it can take years to build up your network of contacts and understand how it all works. They are all so hungry for knowledge and it devastated me to know that so much talent was going to waste because of lack of information and opportunities available to these people. So I built a website to fix this problem for anyone who is interested in building a sustainable career in music, be they emerging and established musicians, managers, promotors, venue operators, bookers, producers, music writers, tour managers, publicists or publishers. There is something for everyone here."

"A rising tide lifts all boats: a well-informed industry will inevitably improve its own sustainability” - founder and director, Martine Cotton

Hey here are some more reviews:

And you can read more over on the testimonials page!

Leanne De Souza Executive Director at Association of Artist Managers - AAM Australia

I was invited to share some of my reflections, thoughts, and advice on artist management not too long ago with Music Industry Inside Out. As I reached the decision to take extended leave from artist management, I watched my video contributions and thought, “Hey, there is some really great advice there!” I would encourage anyone taking the baton and entering the music business to subscribe and learn from not only me, but so many generous, clever and insightful people.

Music Industry Inside Out has been an invaluable tool for me during the release of my first EP. Planning the release details was a lot easier after watching the various courses on understanding copyright, artist management, DIY music releases and promoting and producing your events, which really educated me on how to successfully plan and put on my EP launch show. Other than just helping with issues I was currently dealing with in my career, MIIO helped me to understand things I didn’t even consider researching on my own. And has consequently allowed me to be more concious and focused of issues that may effect my career in the future . I would encourage any independent musician or emerging music industry professional to join this community if you are serious and committed to making smart, educated decisions in your career. Honestly, it’s better than sliced bread, and I reallllly like bread.

Haley Marsden Recording and Touring Artist
Annette Hughes DATSON+HUGHES - Artist - Stickylabel (Independent Record Label)

I am an independent songwriter and musician and in partnership with my artistic collaborator, Geoffrey Datson, we run Stickylabel – our artist label, and The Greenroom recording studio up on the Sunshine Coast. We are self managed artists and for the past three years we have been working on a large project for our duo Datson+Hughes – a studio recording of our best work. If we were visual artists, it would be a major retrospective. We have invested a frackload of cash in the project, engaging an awardwinning record producer. Music Inside Out has been incredibly helpful. I scoured the site for information, mined it for contacts, and more than anything, it gave me the reassurance that I am on the track with timing, production, marketing and promotion. It is a fantastic resource.

Music Industry Inside Out is a great resource, especially for young folks like myself who want to get a handle on the industry. It’s not often you find a heap of useful information in one easy to access place and MIIO provides just that. Prepare to spend more time than you anticipate soaking in the knowledge and repeatedly having lightbulb moments.

Krishan Bassist / Recording & Live Sound Engineer / Music Journalist
Peter FogertyMusician

You never know what you don’t know. But Martine and MIIO know exactly what you don’t know. Don’t ask me how they do it, but they seem to post exactly the thing I didn’t even know I needed, right when I need it. Then that leads me down the worm hole to the rest of the content again… there is so much here.. all good… Sure, you can sit in your little cave, blissfully unaware of what you don’t know that you need to know, or just sign up and dive in.

Martine and her team have created something incredible. The content is fresh, relevant and helpful – and the level of people contributing their time and expertise is off the charts. I would recommend anyone wanting to connect with the industry and doesn’t know just how to approach it sit down and binge-watch this in the same way you would seasons of The Walking Dead or your favourite show.

Tim PriceBand Manager, Heavy Music Publicist
AnonymousRecording and Touring Artist

I just wanted to let you know I’ve spent the last hour watching over some of the videos on your website and to say thanks. I’ve been feeling a little swamped, doubtful and critical of if I can succeed in such an Industry, flying completely solo all the time! While liberating, it can also be such a strain constantly steering a ship with no or limited crew. The vids helped pull me out of my pity party I was throwing. lol. It’s given me back some motivation to keep on trucking, so thanks!

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Organisations can purchase memberships for their cohort. Membership includes access to all video courses and mentors and can be cancelled at any time. Prices are flexible, based on your numbers and start from as low as $25 p/y. We can offer unique account pages for each member so they can track their progress.