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Marketing & PR Strategies
Try to think of something that can't be marketed. Nothing? Exactly. Your music needs a plan to get traction or it will inevitably be drowned by the oceans of other artists doing the same thing with a marketing plan. Learn how to make a backbone in your plan through our Marketing and PR course tailed for the music industry.
Module 1Why do we need marketing?
What is the point of marketing? Surely if a band writes killer music, word will spread and people while hear it, love it and buy it?! If only that was the world we live in. We hear from some of our specialists on what the point of marketing is.
Unit 1Alex Zaccaria - What Is The Point Of Marketing? [1:26]
Unit 2Glenn Dickie - What's the Point of Marketing? [3:27]
Unit 3Jeremy Neale - What's the Point of Marketing? [1:52]
Unit 4Jess Carroll - Why Marketing Is Important To Artists Work [02:18]
Unit 5Maggie Collins - The Importance of Marketing [1:52]
Unit 6Sabrina Robertson - The Point Of Marketing [00:29]
Unit 7Stephen Green - So I Have This Great Song - Why Do I Need to Market It? [1:37]
Unit 8Van Picken - Wrapping Your Head Around Foundations Of Marketing [04:41]
Unit 9Vivienne Mellish - Importance Of Social Media In Marketing [02:48]
Unit 10Vivienne Mellish - Point Of Marketing [00:41]
Module 2Tips on how to cut through the noise and amplify your story
We discuss the importance of building communities, web presence, understanding your market and building relationships.
Unit 1Alex Zaccaria - Tips On Breaking Through The Noise [2:33]
Unit 2Andrew Stone - How To Get On Radio [6:22]
Unit 3Glenn Dickie - Tips on How to Cut Through the Noise [4:10]
Unit 4Jess Carroll - How To Amplify The Artist Story [05:48]
Unit 5KLP - Media Strategies [0:42]
Unit 6KLP - Promo Platforms [0:54]
Unit 7Nicholas Jones - How Artists can Cut Through [2:37]
Unit 8Stephen Green - Cutting Through the Noise [3:15]
Unit 9Sabrina Robertson - Tips For Artists To Cut Through The Noise [07:50]
Unit 10Van Picken - Marketing Foundations Making A Start [08:34]
Unit 11Van Picken - How To Approach Marketing For Your Band Or Brand [02:06]
Module 3Keeping Control of Your Marketing and Image
Sometimes it's hard to keep a handle on what is happening with your marketing, and your brand or image. Some of our marketing experts offer us some strategies on managing your public information.
Unit 1Glenn Dickie - Keeping Control of Your Marketing [3:53]
Unit 2Jeremy Neale - Retaining Control of Your Marketing [2:09]
Unit 3Jess Carroll - How To Keep Control Of Your Marketing Activities [01:44]
Unit 4Jess Carroll - How To Manage Negative Online Press [01:39]
Unit 5Maggie Collins - How Can Artists Keep Control of Their Image? [1:59]
Unit 6Sabrina Robertson - Advice For Dealing With Bad Press [01:21]
Unit 7Stephen Green - Keeping Control of Your Marketing [1:34]
Unit 8Vivienne Mellish - How Can Bands Manage Negative Press [02:54]
Module 4Social Media Marketing
How to utilise social media to market yourself.
Unit 1Tim Scott - Writing For Social Media [01.29]
Unit 2Tim Scott- Dealing With Callouts Social Media [1:34]
Module 5Interview Tips
Some great tips and advice on how to handle yourself in media interviews.
Unit 1Jeremy Neale - Interview Tips [1:52]
Unit 2Jess Carroll - Interview Tips [01:31]
Unit 3Maggie Collins - Interview Tips for Artists [1:17]
Unit 4Nicholas Jones - Interview Tips for Artists [2:01]
Unit 5Sabrina Robertson - Interview Tips [01:52]
Unit 6Stephen Green - Interview Tips [4:17]
Unit 7Tim Scott - Interview Tips [03:28]
Unit 8Vivienne Mellish - Interview Tips For Artists [02:00]
Module 6Some contemporary working examples of doing kickass marketing
Let's hear some great marketing campaigns being managed by DIY artists and their teams!
Unit 1Glenn Dickie - Examples of Artists Doing Good Marketing [4:07]
Unit 2Jeremy Neale - Artists Doing Good Marketing? [1:17]
Unit 3Jess Carroll - Examples Of Good Marketing [02:41]
Unit 4Nicholas Jones - Bands Doing Kickass At Marketing [2:10]
Unit 5Stephen Green - Examples of Artists Doing Great Marketing [4:28]
Unit 6Sabrina Robertson - Examples Of Artists Doing A Kick Arse Job Of Marketing [01:41]
Unit 7Vivienne Mellish - Examples of Good Marketing [03:07]
Module 7Common marketing mistakes to avoid
Oops! Here are some tips on common marketing mistakes you really should try and avoid.
Unit 1Alex Zaccaria - Mistakes Bands and Brands Make [1:56]
Unit 2Glenn Dickie - Marketing Mistakes to Avoid [2:51]
Unit 3Jeremy Neale - Social Media Mistakes [2:21]
Unit 4Maggie Collins - Common Marketing Mistakes [2:12]
Unit 5Nicholas Jones - Common Marketing Mistakes [1:37]
Unit 6Sabrina Robertson - Common Marketing Mistakes [01:08]
Unit 7Stephen Green - Common Marketing Mistakes to Avoid [3:39]
Unit 8Tim Scott - Common Mistakes In Approaching Media Marketing [02:39]
Unit 9Vivienne Mellish - Common Mistakes [05:22]
Module 8Marketing Tips and Tools
Some handy resources, tips and tools for marketing.
Unit 1Alex Zaccaria - Building A Niche Community [1:38]
Unit 2Alex Zaccaria - Tools You Use [4:14]
Unit 3Andrew Stone - Shazam [3:32]
Unit 4Ellen Kirk - Marketing Your Tours [01:34]
Unit 5Jeremy Neale - Marketing Tips and Tools [1:41]
Unit 6Maggie Collins - Marketing Strategies [1:57]
Unit 7Sabrina Robertson - Tips For Maintaining Your Image [01:20]
Unit 8Tim Scott - Advice On Online Presence And Marketing [07:26]
Unit 9Tim Scott - Marketing Tips Be Yourself [02:14]
Unit 10Vivienne Mellish - Skills Required [00:38]
Module 9Some Handy Marketing Resources
Some recommended resources to help artists and their teams achieve the best results.
Unit 1Alex Zaccaria - Shazam And Analytics [4:41]
Unit 2Glenn Dickie - Marketing Resources [3:28]
Unit 3Maggie Collins - Marketing Resources for Artists [1:25]
Unit 4Michelle Padovan And Steve Bell - Important Promotional Platforms [03:35]
Unit 5Nicholas Jones - Online Resources [2:41]
Unit 6Stephen Green - Recommended Marketing Resources [3:48]
Unit 7Vivienne Mellish - Recommended Resources [02:18]
Module 10Music Journalism
We discuss all things relating to a potential career in writing for music.
Unit 1Tim Scott - Is Music Journalism Dying? [01:08]
Unit 3Tim Scott - Where To Get Story Leads Ideas (2) [00:23]
Module 11Bands + Publicists: Connecting With The Right Partner
Finding the right publicist for your project is key, similarly - publicists need to find the right bands for them. Our experts explain how to manage the process of finding the right person for your projects.
Unit 1Jess Carroll - Tips For Good Media Releases [02:19]
Unit 2Sabrina Robertson - When Should Bands Start Looking For A Publicist [00:39]
Unit 3Sabrina Robertson - What To Look For In An Artist [01:50]
Unit 4Sabrina Robertson - How Should A Band And A Publicist Approach Each Other [00:45]



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