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Digital Tech and Strengthening Your Audience Relationships Pt 1 | KLP

Digital Tech and Strengthening Your Audience Relationships: Pt 2 | Matt Walters

How to Set Up Your Brand as a Business

Handy Apps for Musicians

Building a Team in the Music Business

Making an EPK: Class 101

How to Make Sure Your Career Comes With A Schnitty! Five Tips with Jesse Coulter from Grenadiers 

Week in the Life Of

An Artist Representative | Jessie Parker

An Artist Services Manager and Musician | Adam Weston

An Artist Manager | Leanne de Souza

A Booking Agent | Stephen Wade


David MacDonald - Artist Manager & Musician

Jess Beston - Tiny Monster Artist Management

Leanne De Souza - Artist Manager

Nick O'Byrne - BigSound

Paul Watson - Booking Agent, Musician

Troy Barrett - Music Manager

Tim Price - Pricewar Management

Dominic Miller - Booking Agent, Musician

Andrew Stone - Artist Manager, GM of Chugg Music

Maggie Collins - Artist Manager

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