Halfway’s Savvy Seven


8 piece alt-country Brisbane legends Halfway have just launched their 5th album, The Golden Halfway Record, and it’s a bewdy, of course. They took some time out to share their Savvy Seven with us to help celebrate the launch.

– What is the best part about being a musician, for you?

Writing songs & making records with the people I care about. That is easily the best bit.
– How has your music practice changed over time?

It is pretty much the same. We rehearse a couple of times a week. Have done pretty much since 2000. Just working on whatever is coming up. Working on new songs is the most fun but we are always going through older songs in the set list as well. Just to make sure they are all still making sense.

– What advice would you give to someone who is about to head off on their very first tour?

Set your expectations fairly low.

– Do you get nervous before you perform? How do you manage that?

I do get nervous. I usually have a couple of drinks to calm my nerves but never more than a few. After a few drinks, alcohol is no longer your friend & it will have a negative effect on your show.

– How do you record your initial song ideas?

Just on my phone. Either just loose ideas on acoustic at home or full band ideas at our rehearsal space all start on the phone these days. It’s a handy thing to be able to reference rehearsal takes etc.

– My top business tip for new artists is…

It’s a cliché but you have to try and make records that you like. That make you happy. The industry is full of people willing to give you advice. Be prepared to filter through a lot of that.

– What was your biggest career mistake/regret?

I don’t really have any regrets. We have made 5 records that we all really proud of. There are always small things that you might change. But I am really happy with the work we have done.

In hindsight I may have wanted to sell enough records so that we all could have made a living out of it. That would have been nice. But it was never the goal. The goal was to just make records that we liked. It was a closed shop. Still is.


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