Ginger And The Ghost’s 5 Tips On Touring Internationally

Ginger And The Ghost are Missy Gilbert and Daniel Bourne. The future-pop duo spend a hellofalotta time touring overseas, and with the release of their latest single Kindred Spirits, are flying off again to play packed out shows in Europe until the end of August when they head over to Burning Man in the States for a few shows. After having built a solid fanbase in Europe, the duo is stoked to return to international festivals such as Meadows in the Mountains in Bulgaria and to taste-maker venues such as MUSIC BOX in Lisbon. As much as they’re thrilled to be on the road, they’re also very pumped to head back to Australia later in the year to celebrate the release of Kindred Spirits.

A magnetic force on stage, Ginger and the Ghost lead listeners into their hyper-real world, urging them to leap over lush ancestral landscapes and dive into deep majestic waterfalls on dancefloors and art galleries from the Australian wilderness to Europe and back!

They obviously spend a great deal of time on the road, so we’ve asked these expert road warriors to offer up some handy tips on how to tour overseas and survive!

Music Industry Inside Out also has a couple of excellent advice interviews in the Export Your Music course and the Touring Nationally and Internationally course if you’re hungry for more – but have a read through this short little primer first!


Find yourself a booking agent that you can work with closely, it’s very difficult to know if the booking agent will actually work hard for you if you haven’t met face to face so best to Skype a lot before agreeing to look for shows. Figure out the areas and countries you may want to tour and that you may already have a fan base existing in. In our experience, don’t be exclusive with bookers until they prove they can book you great shows that suit your vibe. Especially don’t rest on a booker to do the work, you may be disappointed and it’s always good to feed them shows venues and festivals you are interested in approaching. In other words, you are your own captain so steer the ship.


We have not applied for many grants which is probably quite ridiculous, do it! Search for them and you can get reimbursed for travel.

Try to get shows with accommodation included and make friends with bands and people online so you can keep accommodation costs down. There are cool sites for couch surfing if you’re starting out. Or get yourself a tour van so your travel and accommodation is around $40-80 per night


Packing is extremely difficult with so many weight restrictions on luggage. We have props and costumes so it’s crazy hard keeping weight down. If you can create a rider for your show with in-house drum kits/guitar amps and even possibly lending guitars this can keep your costs down for luggage.  Be creative, we put 7 mic stands on a rider to use for our stage props to attach things to!

Get a good travel agent who will deal with your ball-breaking questions and is happy to go through a thousand options for flights. Do your research and be sure to ask the airlines about how much luggage you can take, how much weight in each bag and excess costs.  Emirates, Qantas, Lufthansa are all pretty rad! Internally Europe try Wiz air, Ryan air, all which you can book yourself. If you jump from airline to airline in transit be sure you don’t get stuck with weight changes in baggage.


Firstly go to Kathmandu and get yaselves mesh travel bag dividers…. I can’t tell you enough how fucking amazing these are!!!!! Get a range of sizes and colours so you can divide knickers, tops, bottoms and jewelry etc. You won’t have shit flying everywhere when you’re trying to be organized for stage and going out to meet and greet peeps. Pack lite! I take about 5 bodysuits and a shit tonne of silk accessories that we make into backdrops, wear on stage, use on the beach etc. etc. so get creative and take things for the stage you can mix up! For day to day pack minimal solid basics and a few bold ridiculous items. Always pack a UEBOOM for down time dance offs and yoga in the hotel rooms 🙂


Research like crazy! Find your fav bands and find out where they tour, find venue or festival applications and look for promoter names. Put it out there on Instagram and create new relationships and let bands know you wanna tour with them! If they are from that area you’ll know the venues or parties will be cool. Some festivals have programmers that find bands so festivals won’t have applications to apply. LinkedIn is amazing for finding programmers! Find the booking agents of your fav acts and send them a love letter with minimal links and bio 🙂 Good Luck

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