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Ready to Blow Up

Have you been really getting some traction and feel like some exciting things are just around the corner? You need to start preparing some strategies to carefully manage this growth, this is your make or break moment. 



Digital tech and strengthening your audience relationships
(Part 1 with KLP)

Digital tech and strengthening audience relationships
(Part 2 with Matt Walters)

Building a Team In The Music Business

Your Music Release Timeline

How To Make It In The Music Industry

Tips for Interviews

The Deal on Record Deals

Handy Apps for Musicians

Week in the Life Of

A Songwriter and Producer - Danny Harley

A Music Business Survivor - Noah Shilkin

A Recording and Touring Artist - Thando

An Artist Manager - Briese Abbott

A Recording and Touring Artist - Bob Evans


Musician - KLP

Booker, Artist Manager, Artist - Dominic Miller

Artist - Andrew Stockdale (Wolfmother)

Manager, PR Rep - Ben Preece

Recording and Touring Artist - Jeremy Neale

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