Get Better Shows

Self Managed Artist

Gaining Momentum

Been playing around the ‘hood and getting some traction but can’t seem to get better shows? This collection should help.



Digital Tech and Strengthening Audience Relationships
(Part I with KLP)

Digital Tech and Strengthening Audience Relationships
(Part II with Matt Walters)

How To Set Up Your Band as a Business

Handy Apps for Musicians

Building A Team In The Music Business

Making an EPK: Class 101

The deal on record deals

Which music delivery platforms are selling in different genres?

A step by step guide to pressing your music

Attracting an audience: Handy Tips for Managing Your Social Media

Why Streaming Isn't Just a New Delivery Method for Music

Session Musicians: Know Your Rights

Setting the Sample Example: Legal Tips for Sampling Success

I Love the Unknown (Pandora Article/Streaming)

Week in the Life Of

An Artist Representative - Jessie Parker

An Artist Services Manager and Musician - Adam Weston

An Artist Manager - Leanne de Souza

A Booking Agent - Stephen Wade


David MacDonald - Artist Manager & Musician

Jess Beston - Tiny Monster Artist Management

Leanne De Souza - Artist Manager

Nick O'Byrne - BigSound

Paul Watson - Booking Agent, Musician

Troy Barrett - Music Manager

Tim Price - Pricewar Management

Dominic Miller - Booking Agent / Musician

Andrew Stone - Artist Manager & GM of Chugg Music

Maggie Collins - Artist Manager

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