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Are you just starting out? 

Emerging artists can either be just starting out or still in the growth phase of their careers. It’s a busy time, there’s lots to learn and understand. Hopefully this pathway will help. We’re curated a collection of relevant course content, articles, resources and links to help you work out how to get better shows! 



Booking Contract

Band Partnership Agreement

Distribution Agreement


6 Sexy Solutions to Scoring (Your First Gig!) 

Booking a Gig - The Checklist

4 Simple Tips On Promoting Shows

A Guide to Gig Etiquette

Make Your Music Merchandise Venture More Successful

The Changing State of Music Venues in Australia

Some Handy Tips on Applying for Grants!

Live Music Venue Round Up 

How to Guarantee a Return Invitation: A Guide To Gig Etiquette

Top 5 Tips for Band Comps

How to Harness the Power of a Tour Budget

Week in the Life Of

A Week In The Life Of... Stephen Wade (Select Music)

A Week In The Life Of... Katie Rynne (Village Sounds)

A Week In The Life Of...  Patrick Balfe (The Foundry)


Self Managed Recording and Touring Artist - Mia Dyson

Booker, Artist Manager, Artist - Dominic Miller

Artist Manager - Maggie Collins

Musician - KLP

Artist Manager - Rachel Dixon

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