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Career Development Pathway: So you want to be a booker?

What Does a Booking Agent / Event Producer Do? A booking agent is responsible for managing bookings and appearances for artists, negotiating and liaising with venues, and communicating between the venue, artists and artist managers.An event producer produces and runs their own events, while often being involved in stage management and showrunning. These two roles can often bleed together in the music industry.

How Do I Become a Booking Agent/Event Producer? There are many ways to be a booking agent or event producer – you can start your own business, work for an already-established booking or events agency, operate freelance, or simply be an expert at being your own booking agent and/or producing your own events. In this Pathway, we’ve listed of all the articles, courses, ‘Week In the Life Of’ pieces and mentors most relevant to your chosen career. This list will be kept actively updated as new content goes up. Please write in using our feedback form if there is an area you would like to know more about, or an area you feel needs more content.



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Week in the Life Of

A Week in The Life Of... James Birrel (Maroochy Music & Visual Arts Festival)

A Week In The Life Of...  Melissa Appleby (Allphones Arena)

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A Week In The Life Of... Stephen Wade (Select Music)


Chloe Goodyear - Woodford Folk Festival Programmer

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Kylie Lovejoy - Event & Stage Management

Nick O'Byrne - BIGSOUND

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