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Georgia Mae has released her latest single ‘Soul Like This‘ through Sony Music’s Lemon Tree Music. The ballad dons a bold romantic gesture on its sleeve, yet the heart comes from the introspective undertones within its lyrics and the intimate production choices of the Brisbane songwriter/producer. 

Following her degree in Music Technology at Queensland Conservatorium of Music, Georgia has put her scholarship to work as an artist and a professional. In addition to some early-career Queensland Music Award nods, Georgia’s knack for getting songs in people’s heads has taken her to California as a writer and recording artist for shows like Keeping Up With The Kardashians and sound designer at Skywalker Studios

‘Soul Like This’ works towards her first collection of songs with Lemon Tree Music and promises a bright future given LTM’s track record of breakthrough artists such as Tones and I and Tash SultanaWhile the next chapter of her career begins, Georgia shares some insight into her journey so far.

What inspired you to pursue music as a career?

Music has been my life force and voice for literally as long as I can remember so…music? Cop-out answer or not, it’s music that inspired me to go where I’ve gone. I don’t really understand how it could be anything else.

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Besides making music, what have you done to get to where you are?

Oh boy…well I started working as a checkout chick when I was 14 to save for a guitar or something, I can’t remember (something musical)…and I’ve been working ever since to pretty much solely fund my music career, directly or indirectly, up until relatively recently. I’ve been lucky enough for the last several years to be making a living in the music industry as not just an artist but a writer for tv/commercials, as well as some film stuff, but before that I’ve been a swimming teacher, music teacher, barista, babysitter…a few other random things. Finance aside, I think it’s integral to work on your personal development to be able to make a wholesome lasting career out of music. Out of anything, really (but definitely music lol). So I’ve done a lot of that too which has definitely given me a leg up to where I am now. 

How do you approach developing timelines for your career?

Remind myself that nothing good comes easy. Patience is my middle name 😉

What is the most significant challenge you have conquered in your career?

Ooh…it’s hard to pinpoint just one?! I guess trying to find my way as a solo artist alone in a new place like LA was difficult. Getting to a point where I felt like my head was finally above water was a breakthrough for me. I felt like I’d conquered a small corner of that big city.

What will musicians discover from touring and how should they prepare for it?

I definitely haven’t done as much touring as many Australian artists have but I would say stick to your budget, stay hydrated and invest in some dry shampoo.

How should people educate themselves on current industry issues?

For better or for worse, I feel like a fair chunk of “education” on industry issues is done via Instagram now. Having a seemingly direct and personal insight into other artist’s/label’s/publisher’s/etc brains is perhaps an easy way to keep up to date with the latest? I don’t know, though…talking with your peers and mentors is probably a much better answer. 

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How have you integrated modern technology into your content process?

Totally. I think it’s essential to stay efficient and fresh. Of course, some classics have their charm but in terms of studio gear, for example, we would be in a very different world if everyone had scoffed at digital and stayed analogue way back when.

Find Georgia Mae on Spotify and Instagram.

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