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After a debut album that saw her touring internationally and scoring impressive slots on lineups including BIGSOUND and SXSW, Brisbane native Gabriella Cohen has returned with her second album ‘Pink is the Unconditional Colour of Love‘.

The album took on quite the international flavour after the process began in countryside Victoria, then continued when she was invited to tour the US with Foxygen. The final touches were captured on a boat in England, and the coast of Portugal; in the mountains of Southern Italy, cafes of Mexico, and finally in Venice Beach, Los Angeles.

We were stoked that the very talented Gabriella joined us to share some music industry advice for this weeks Savvy Seven before heading on her national tour – happening now!

1) Who was your first musical inspiration? Why? Who inspires you now?

My first musical inspiration would probably be The Beatles! I distinctly remember lying on the carpet under my parents tape player, listening to ‘I Will’ and being so fascinated and moved by the melodies. Now I am still inspired by The Beatles – every time I listen to one of their songs I still hear something new and they still amaze me with how creative they were.

I am inspired by my circumstances, the people around me – what a guitar sounds like when someone is learning… a kid playing piano…

Musicians I’ve recently been digging are Gillian Welch, Jordan Rochfort, Weyes Blood, Drug Dealer, Jackie Cohen, Mapache, Goiaba and Bin Juice.

2) What advice do you have for someone who is about to set off on their first tour?

Haha, make a spreadsheet with your incomings and outgoings – and don’t forget to make/take merch so you can sell it! Also another really hot tip my friend Ari Herstand told me, get fans to write their email address down to add to your mailing list.

When you rehearse, it’s good to do it standing up so it’s not a shock when you’re on stage. Respect your audience, and play with every fibre within you.

3) What has been one of the most defining moments in your career?

It’s been an absolute pleasure and a dream to be able to tour America… As much as it is a crazy country there really is more places to play and more opportunities if you are hungry enough.

4) How has your music practice changed over time?

I can now produce and record wherever and whenever I like… which is a wonderful luxury to have. But the music practice essentially at it’s core has remained the same. An irresistible urge, a desire to fulfil an idea, a quench a melody… that is my practice.

5) My top business tip for new artists is…

Play as much as possible, and embrace your originality.

6) My biggest career mistake has been… What would you do differently now?

Spilling my insecurities about a said show to audience members after I’ve come off stage. They don’t need to know!

7) In my opinion, the most important issue facing the music industry is… What do you think can change that?

That no one knows that they are doing!!!!

Carve out your own way.


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