Funding Your Music

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Funding Your Music
Money is something that isn't pouring out of everyone's pockets in the music industry. When it comes to finding more, there are opportunities and organisations that believe in your passion, as long as you know how to make them believe. Our Funding Your Music course uncovers the main organisations, opportunities and methods you should know when applying for grants and funding.
Module 1 Overview of options available to an artist needing to fund recording/touring etc
We take a look at the general range of options that could help finance an artists career projects. Some of these ideas may surprise you.
Unit 1 Andrew Stone - Funding Overview [2:42]  
Unit 2 Andrew Tuttle - Funding Overview [1:09]  
Unit 3 Ellen Kirk - How Do You Help Your Artists Find Funding [01:30]  
Unit 4 Ellen Kirk - Funding Bodies For Artists [01:34]  
Unit 5 Ellen Kirk - Specific Grants Available To Artists [00:25]  
Unit 6 Ellen Kirk - How To Find Out If You're Eligible For Grants [00:25]  
Unit 7 Fred Smith - Funding Opportunities [0:34]  
Unit 8 Glenn Dickie - Funding your Music [6:03]  
Unit 9 Harmony James - Funding Overview [1:24]  
Unit 10 Jeremy Neale - Funding Overview [3:39]  
Unit 11 Mia Dyson - Funding Overview [3:40]  
Unit 12 Seja - Funding Options [1:29]  
Module 2 Understanding project budgeting
What is the value in budgeting for projects and how does one go about doing it?
Unit 1 Andrew Stone - Budgeting and Learning From Metrics [2:03]  
Unit 2 Andrew Tuttle - Funding Your Music and the Value of Budgeting [2:13]  
Unit 3 Ellen Kirk - Value Of Budgeting [01:29]  
Unit 4 Harmony James - Funding and The Value of Preparing Budgets [1:18]  
Unit 5 Jeremy Neale - Funding & Value of Budgeting [1:29]  
Unit 6 Mia Dyson - Project Budgeting [2:23]  
Unit 7 Seja - Funding and Budgeting [1:54]  
Module 3 Personal funding experiences from our speakers
We hear from our music industry figures about their adventures in finding funding for their music projects, anything from recording to playing SxSW!
Unit 1 Andrew Tuttle - Personal Funding Experiences [3:01]  
Unit 2 Ellen Kirk - What To Know before Sending Grant Applications [01:48]  
Unit 3 Ellen Kirk - Can Artists Fund Their Career With A Small Budget [01:05]  
Unit 4 Harmony James - How I've Funded My Career [2:17]  
Unit 5 Jeremy Neale - How I Funded My Music [3:45]  
Unit 6 Mia Dyson - How I've Funded my Career [4:34]  
Unit 7 Seja - Funding Personal Experience [2:55]  
Module 4 What government or philanthropic grants are available?
Let's hear about some specific grants that are open to artists and businesses.
Unit 1 Andrew Tuttle - How to Find Out About Grants [0:50]  
Unit 2 Andrew Tuttle - What Grants are Available? [2:14]  
Unit 3 Harmony James - What Grants Are Out There [0:32]  
Unit 4 Mia Dyson - Grants [3:09]  
Unit 5 Mia Dyson - Where can Artists Find Out About Grants? [0:41]  
Module 5 Grantwriting
What you need to know about preparing a grant submission.
Unit 1 Andrew Tuttle - Grant Writing: What You Need to Know [3:01]  
Unit 2 Jeremy Neale - Grant Writing & What You Need to Know [2:13]  
Unit 3 Mia Dyson - Working on a Grant Submission [3:04]  
Unit 4 Seja - Writing a Grant [1:50]  
Module 6 Tips and Tools for Music Funding
Some handy tips and tools.
Unit 1 Andrew Tuttle - Tips and Tools for Funding [0:55]  
Unit 2 Ellen Kirk - Is Crowd Funding Viable [00:49]  
Unit 3 Ellen Kirk - Funding Options To Be Avoided [00:34]  
Unit 4 Stacia Goninon - Funding Criteria [1:05]  

Pondering how to finance your next project? There are many options available for artists to fund their music. In our in-depth videos below, our experts guide you through the world of grants, crowd-funding, merchandise, synchronisation, publishing, music sales, live music sales, and more. Check out the resources below for more information.

Arts Hub Grant List – A handy link to grants and funding on offer for music in Australia.

Australia Council for the Arts – The Australian Government’s arts funding and advisory body.

Crowdfunding Guide – A helpful article full of crowdfunding tips for musicians.

Support Act – Support Act is a music industry benevolent fund, and aims to provide timely and effective financial help in cases of genuine hardship.

How to Budget for an Irregular Income – Budgeting tips perfect for musicians.

How to Stretch Your Recording Budget and Get More for Your Money – Tips for the DIY musician.

Also recommended: our course on Music Synchronisation.


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  1. My name its Lungelo Ngutshwane a musiic producer ,composer ,songwriter and artist i would truly appreciate your assistance regarding finance for studio fees and visuals fees.
    I do soul music ,rnb and deep house music.
    please help me achivied my goals

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