The Music Industry Field Guide $25

What is the Field Guide? 

Our field guide allows you to gain a better understanding of the music industry. It's essentially a handbook to guide you through your music industry career. The team have been working on this little project for a long time now – quietly synthesising choice tips from our massive knowledge base of advice videos. We’re very proud of it, and know it’s going to be a powerful tool for our readers and members.

It is by no means the definitive how-to guide but it’s a hell of a good place to get started. And if you want more, there is plenty more to explore within our membership resources. We’re not really into hardcore sales pitches around these parts, but if you’re serious about learning how to build a sustainable career in music, membership at Music Industry Inside Out will provide you with a very solid, real world foundation. Consider it core training.

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Sample pages:

Handbook Snippet (contents)
Handbook Snippet (pg. 7&8)
Handbook Snippet (pg. 9&10)
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