Exporting Your Music (Going International)

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How do you plan to tour overseas with expenses such as flights, road travel, gear hire, travel agents, venue booking, food and accomodation? There are many more costs but what are they? Exporting your music is not a trial and error game. Absorb these interviews for advice on how to avoid an overseas music endeavour leaving you disappointed and/or in debt.
Module 1When should artists try touring internationally?
It is the dream of most artists and their teams to be able to get their music played overseas, and to tour internationally to new audiences. Is there a "right time" to try?
Unit 1Andrew Stone - When Should Artists Showcase [1:09]
Unit 2Ellen Kirk - When Is An Artist Ready To Tour Internationally [00:50]
Unit 3Jess Beston - When Should Artists Tour Internationally? [2:55]
Unit 4Maggie Collins - When to Tour Overseas [1:48]
Module 2Preparations Ahead of Exporting Your Music
Do you need a manager / publisher / label to successfully tour overseas or can you do a good job independently? What first steps should you be taking ahead of an overseas tour?
Unit 1Andrew Stone - Touring & Exporting [3:35]
Unit 2Andrew Stone - What Team Would You Need For The International Market [2:09]
Unit 3David MacDonald - Exporting Your Music [0:48]
Unit 4Ellen Kirk - How To Get Noticed By International Promoters [00:55]
Unit 5Ellen Kirk - International Tours Publicity [01:21]
Unit 6Ellen Kirk - What To Consider Before Planning An International Tour [02:03]
Unit 7Fred Smith - Do you Need Team for Overseas Touring? [0:35]
Unit 8Fred Smith - Right Time to Export [0:38]
Unit 9Fred Smith - Exporting Music [1:28]
Unit 10Glenn Dickie - Export Team Members? [2:47]
Unit 11Husky Gawenda - Things to Consider Ahead of Exporting Your Music [2:54]
Unit 12Jess Beston - First Steps to Exporting [2:38]
Unit 13Maggie Collins - What Team Would You Need for Touring Overseas? [2:27]
Unit 14Troy Barrott - When To Tour Overseas [2:17]
Unit 15Troy Barrott - Heading Overseas [2:04]
Module 3What is the importance of music conference showcases? Which music conferences should Australian bands aim for?
We talk to people who attend music conferences regularly to hear their opinions on music conferences and showcases.
Unit 1Andrew Stone - The Importance Of Music Conferences [2:33]
Unit 2Ellen Kirk - International Showcases [00:50]
Unit 3Ellen Kirk - International Showcases Importance Of Planning [00:59]
Unit 4Fred Smith - Conferences [20:27]
Unit 5Glenn Dickie - The Importance of Music Conferences [4:46]
Unit 6Jess Beston - The Importance of International Showcases [18:16]
Unit 7Maggie Collins - The Importance of Music Conferences [2:34]
Module 4Applying to play conference showcases. What is Sonic Bids, and what role do they play in music conferences?
Tips on how to improve your chances when applying for a music conference showcase. You may never have heard of Sonic Bids but if you want to play music conference showcases, you may have to open an account with them.
Unit 1Andrew Stone - Sonicbids [0:14]
Unit 2Glenn Dickie - Conference Applications [3:31]
Unit 3Jess Beston - What is Sonic Bids? [1:27]
Unit 4Maggie Collins - What Sets Successful Showcase Applicants Apart [00.52]
Unit 5Maggie Collins - What is Sonic Bids? [00:53]
Module 5What funding opportunities are available to bands touring/showcasing overseas?
There are a heap of funding options open to artists heading overseas - we cover a few of them here.
Unit 1Jess Beston - Funding Opportunities for Export [5:39]
Unit 2Maggie Collins - What Funding is Available for Touring Artists [1:11]
Module 6Common mistakes to avoid
What are some common mistakes artists make when starting out internationally?
Unit 1Andrew Stone - Common Mistakes When Touring Overseas [1:17]
Unit 2Glenn Dickie - Common Mistakes to Avoid [5:06]
Unit 3Jess Beston - Mistakes Made When Touring Overseas [9:28]
Unit 4Maggie Collins - Common Mistakes Touring Overseas [1:31]
Module 7Overcoming export challenges
We ask our experts what some of the main challenges Australian & NZ bands face when touring overseas, and how they can overcome these challenges.
Unit 1Maggie Collins - The Biggest Challenges Touring Overseas [2:52]
Module 8Tips and Tools for Music Export
Some handy tips and tools to assist you with the music export process.
Unit 1Glenn Dickie - Sounds Australia Phone App [1:11]
Unit 2Glenn Dickie - Tour Resources [1:47]
Unit 3Jess Beston - Tips for Showcase Applications [2:08]
Unit 4Maggie Collins - Resources Available to Bands Touring Overseas [1:19]
Module 9Sounds Australia: your go-to support org when looking to export your music
Sounds Australia: what they do and how they can help you.
Unit 1Andrew Stone - Sounds Australia [1:41]
Unit 2Glenn Dickie - What is Sounds Australia? [3:52]
Unit 3Jess Beston - How Sounds Australia Can Help You [5:59]
Unit 4Troy Barrott - Sounds Australia [1:59]

It’s the dream of most bands and artists to be able to have their music played overseas, and to go on an international tour. When should artists start touring overseas? 
In the video modules below, you can listen to leading industry figures give insight and tips into the best approach artists should take when introducing their music overseas.

Showcase Opportunities

South by South West (SXSW


Other Resources

Sounds Australia

 – Australia’s music market development initiative.

Also recommended: our course on Touring Nationally & Internationally.


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