Digital Tech and Strengthening Your Audience Relationships : Part I with KLP


Here’s a question I know has been on your mind more than once, guaranteed; ‘how do I make someone like me?’

Now don’t get ahead of yourself here, this isn’t a cheesy matchmaking website. But seriously, how do you get past that stage of begging and reminding your best friends, regular supporters and mum to come to every gig to so you’ve got a cool crowd to cheer you on too? What’s the importance of releasing your music on the internet, and not just leaving EPs on a table at gigs? To Spotify or not to Spotify? How can you pledge for fans to prepay for your album? Is that even a thing? How can you ask your followers for financial support and to pay for your music? How can you make the most of digital technology to increase your relationship with your loyal fans, and hopefully claim some more bandwagon hoppers and most importantly, genuine appreciators?

Over the next few Thursdays, we’ll be featuring interviews with various high profile artists in Australia to answer some questions we all know keep you up at night in regards to digital consumption of music, crowd-funding and last but not least, the importance of audience relationships with the special people who you need as much as they need you.


This week, I spoke with fresh-sounding Sydney-based DJ, producer, electronic artist and vocalist Kristy Lee Peters, more commonly known as KLP, who has taken the electronic music and DJ scene by a storm since kicking things off in 2013. She has already established an outstanding list of achievements and is creating a very active, hard-working and exciting image for herself. Get out your notepad and pen if you haven’t already because here’s what she had to say in response to some thorough questions about the communication with her fans through social media.

Do you personally manage your social media sites?

Sure do. Occasionally if something important is being posted or announced and I’m on a flight/away from my computer, I’ll get my management to post on my behalf – but I always make sure my own words are used.

What’s your philosophy on the importance of you as the artist maintaining your own form of public relations with your fans through social media? Or vice versa, what is your philosophy on the importance of a social media team on your public image?

I think if you have a really good idea of who you are as an artist, your music, image, goals etc, then the rest comes a lot easier to either manage by yourself, or communicate and plan with a team. It’s all got to come from a real place though from the get-go, that’s the main thing for me.

What do you make sure to do personally to maintain a good relationship between you and your audience through digital technologies? 

I just try to be honest and real with people. I know if I reached out to someone I liked musically I would really appreciate even the smallest response – so I try to treat the audience with the same respect I would want to receive myself. I also try to always be positive or find a positive way to talk about something – or I don’t post at all. Positivity breeds positivity and vice verse.

Through your Facebook page, you upload videos, photos, share links to groovy tracks you enjoy or news you value, not to mention links to your upcoming shows and you also reply to your fan posts to the page through Facebook comments. (That’s a lot of upkeep!) Do you follow a structure/plan or goals to your social media maintenance? And how much ‘posting’ is too much and too little? 

No structure/plan/rules – it’s all just whatever is happening at that time. So I’ll talk about gigs coming up that week, things I’m working on that day, music that’s out at that time. The natural progression of things rolling out make it fairly easy – for the time being anyway!

Do you ever feel/have you ever felt that your updates cross the line to becoming spam and how can you make/have you made sure it doesn’t come across that way? 

I just try and be super genuine about everything I post or share. I also rarely post anything from my personal pages – anything KLP related I figure people have to like my page to see the updates, so if they’ve done that, I’ll just be honest about what KLP is up to and hope they continue to like the page.

From your experience, what formats of uploads work best with your fans? Do posts with dual attraction (such as a photo and comment post as opposed to just a status) get more interest and spur more response? Do you think this would be different in every genre of music depending on the protocols of each subcultural capital? 

I really don’t think about that. I know you can go in and have a look at insights and everything and that’s some peoples jobs – my job is to present something honest. It makes it feel a little contrived for me personally to read into it too much and post/say something just to get a high response.

What are some changes to communication with followers and supporters that you believe have to be made when an artist becomes ‘serious’ about their music? Do you think there shouldn’t be a change?

I don’t think it should change – purely because you should be serious about your music from day 1. Whatever you do in life, you should take it seriously and give it all you’ve got. Nothing should change in regards to your core intentions just because you may start having more success.

Looking back on your experiences and achievements, what is some advice you would have liked to receive when you were starting out in regards to maintaining supporter and follower relationships through digital technologies?

Just keep it real and genuine.

In conclusion:

  • Personally managing your own social media sites and maintaining a positive relationship with your audience by being positive, honest and real with people and treating audiences as you would like to be treated goes a long way.
  • Over-thinking about what to post when and what to leave out is over-rated – just be yourself and follow the strong idea of who you are as an artist package and what you represent, just don’t get mixed up between your personal Facebook page and your artist page.
  • There are no rules to follow in regards to a posting schedule and what will generate more likes. The key is to be honest, keep it natural and genuine.
  • Golden Quote: ‘You should be serious about your music from day 1. Whatever you do in life, you should take it seriously and give it all you’ve got. Nothing should change in regards to your core intentions just because you may start having more success.’

If you’d like to do your own homework on KLP by seeing how she maintains her relationship with her audiences in action, check out her Facebook page for social media updates, her Instagram page for latest pics and vids and also her Soundcloud full of latest tunes and collaborations.

In the upcoming articles in this series, we’ll be covering other mega-important aspects of how to use digital technology to your fan-based advantage in terms of crowd-funding and digital music consumption, so stay tuned!

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