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Aussie Electronic Trio ‘Crooked Colours‘ established a global fanbase with the releases of their three breakout singles ‘Come Down‘, ‘Capricious,’ and ‘Another Way‘ in 2013. Since debuting the project, the Perth locals steadily built upon the burgeoning success by releasing what would become a timeless first album – ‘VERA‘ which has defined the bands energetic and melodramatic sound to this day!

With their sophomore album ‘Langata‘ set to release on May 17, the band have set off on their album tour, performing a long list of shows all around Australia and New Zealand, where they’ve already sold out several venues! Aside from travelling to the big stages, Crooked Colours have been consistently appetising their dedicated fanbase with their new singles ‘I’ll Be There‘, ‘Do It Like You’, ‘Hold On’, and their latest, ‘Never Dance Alone‘ featuring the incredible Ladyhawke! Their new music will take listeners on a musical journey through their signature combination of atmospheric beats, soft vocals, synths and guitars, harmoniously blending throughout.

We’re very thankful to have ‘Crooked Colours’ provide such brilliant advice!  Read below.

What inspired you to pursue music as a career?

We were all introduced and approached music in different ways. Phil was a singer songwriter doing acoustic gigs around Perth, Leon was into electronic music early on and developed a love for collecting synths and Liam’s dad was a music teacher which helped to push him to play in bands from an early age. When the three of us formed we were all such different musicians but we all really enjoyed creating music together. We quickly realised we were actually all as committed as each other and then the career naturally formed from that.

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Besides making music, what have you done to get to where you are?

Hours and hours of music practice when you really can’t be bothered. About a million different odd jobs since you can’t hold a 9-5 down while you are constantly away. A lot of sacrificing. You miss out on your family and friends lives. Birthdays, weddings, births, and milestones. Also, the early years you are as rich as a Uni student, but unlike a Uni student you don’t get taken seriously. No one quite believes that pursuing music is a pursuit to be taken seriously so that was always a big topic of discussion.

How do you approach developing timelines for your career?

One day at a time. Our career is still growing and apart from our live shows, everything is new. So, we don’t quite know how to approach things coming up. We just kind of grind away and work together to get the next new thing prepared as well as possible. There are no guidelines and no days off.

What is the most significant challenge you have conquered in your career?

Probably just keeping at it. We have been doing this for a long time and had a very steady career rise. I think it would have been very easy for us to feel disengaged and to drop the whole thing after a few years in, but we have stuck at it and we are starting to reap the rewards.

What will musicians discover from touring and how should they prepare for it?

God it’s fun!! But you have to make sure you stay professional. It’s easy to get caught up in the celebrations after an awesome show, but you have to make sure you can back it up the next night and the night after. Even if there is only one person spending their hard-earned money to buy a ticket, you owe it to them to put on the best show you can. You shouldn’t let anything get in the way of that!

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How should people educate themselves on current industry issues?

For us, social media has such a strong voice for the music industry. Online blogs and other musicians are constantly updating their fans and readers on a plethora of issues. For example, the Keep Sydney Open movement and the current war on festivals was so widely shared and expanded on social media. It definitely helped to create momentum.

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How have you integrated modern technology into your content process?

We used to be one-eyed hardware synth enthusiast’s and tried to limit any modern technology in our recording process, but after a few years of touring with heavy equipment and spending thousand’s on repairing old synths each tour we slowly turned to software synths. It wasn’t a quick or easy decision, but the ease of creating music on the road with just our laptops has meant that we haven’t turned back.

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Listen to Never Dance Alone feat. Ladyhawke below!


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