Crocodylus’ Savvy Seven

Crocodylus Savvy Seven

Crocodylus have offered up some new Savvy Seven goodness, provided by their fantastic drummer Mikel! Self-titled, “Sydney’s most disappointing band,” Croccy have been anything but disappointing throughout their careers so far. With their two EPs ‘Bummed Out,’ and ‘Christian Syrups‘ done and dusted and with more content constantly on the way, Crocodylus have established a sound reminiscent of current rock legends. Their style features a mix of musical elements taken from surf rock, punk rock and good old fashioned hard rock, creating a brand and sound brimming with authenticity!

Ghosts,’ their latest single, features changes in rhythm and feel consistently through the entire song, ensuring listeners are constantly on their toes with excitement! The single has had quite a bit of success on triple j Unearthed, getting four-star reviews from Executive Producer ‘Tommy Faith,’ and Music Director Dave Ruby Howe. Outside of their recorded content Crocodylus have been actively involved in the live scene, completing two Australian national tours just in the last year, in which they shared the stage with Aussie bands Bleeding Knees Club, VOID, A. Swayze & the Ghosts and The Chats.

They’ve got originality, they’ve got energy and they’ve got a humble attitude toward the scene, giving them a leg up on a lot of their competition as well as the ability to provide wisdom to their industry friends!

Read Mikel’s answers below…

1. What Inspired you to pursue music as a career?

Music for a living has always been that unattainable dream, hell even being in band was far out of my grasp until recently! Initially when i was younger it was the allure of “I get to do music everyday and not work!” But the reality is; that a very privileged position to have and as i became more aware of it i started getting inspired and nourished from the fact that we can just do it another day, another week, another year. So far its been fun. No expectations! Also i don’t really view what we do as a “career” More of a hobby still, maybe cus we all work full time jobs outside of music.

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2. Besides making music, what have you done to get to where you are?

Drinking beer? i dunno, i just say that cus i was a pub when Josh asked me to join the band they needed a drummer, as he was going to play bass now, thought he was just drunk and gassing me up. Got a text the next day being like ” How many of our songs do you know?” Before Crocs, id never been in a band before, was always playing drums and had ambitions to be in one but no one ever wanted to get it started, so i was super thankful and feel really lucky that after so long, someone just came up to me and was like “band?” i was stoked! Besides making music though i just work everyday.

3. How do you approach developing timelines for your career?

Everyone in the band and the team are super ambitious which is cool. Just trying to keep an upward momentum, trying to play bigger stages in further places every time we go there, saying no to mates who want us to player their party for a case of beer haha

In terms of planning things out release wise… i hope we can get better in this respect. When it comes to releasing music, we’re very impulsive and spontaneous… recording demos the week before booked studio sessions and things like that, we’ve always been stoked with the end result and its worked thus far. But i think this next release might be the last time its like that. I hope, it gets stressy! Our team is super amazing though and we try to keep things tight, just got a fully synched up Google Calendar with everyone bro hahaha

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4. What is the most significant challenge you have conquered in your career 

 Everything has been kinda breezy so far, touch wood! The only challenge is figuring out the relationships between us all in the band, like when we first started playing i remember we clashed a lot between each other, especially me as i was kinda coming into an already established dynamic with the other guys. Ego is a big thing, sometimes someone else has the better idea for the band and thats okay, i remember my first experience with that happened very early on when we were recording for the first time. I couldn’t play this drum part right and Josh had to play it on the track, its nothing now. But i remember at the time i was kinda upset. But its humbling, and a good lesson to let go of those sorts of emotions and outlooks. The dynamic in the band Is very very smooth now, and for that I’m thankful.

5. What will musicians discover from touring and how should they prepare 

In my experience, touring and playing shows is either 90% sleeping, travelling, waiting around doing nothing, 9% preparing for shows, 1% playing the show. Find ways to entertain yourself, read books! and learn how to back down and avoid an argument. Or how to mediate a discussion and keep emotional control. No one likes being pissed off at one another and you’re all in the same car travelling hours to the next place. The aim is to play a great show, no matter what. Say you go to a new city and theres like 2 people there? (Its happened to us) play just as hard as you would to a sold out show back home, you might just leave an impression on the 2 people that saw you, and then word spreads from there. Play the long game. All this stuff is kinda cliche but theres a reason why so many people say it, it really does work! Also try and eat somewhat good food. We suck at that last part.

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6. How should people educate themselves on current industry issues?

By forming their own opinions, its so easy and convenient to just jump onto what the powers that be say and make that your view, borrow views for all different sources and sides of everything and use it to inform your own opinion. Trends die quick, just do what you wanna do. If you wanna address a certain topic, address it! However i believe that not addressing a topic is an equally valid statement, but sometimes you do have to speak up.

7. How have you integrated modern technology into your content process?

Hahaha we love the gram’ used to post a crazy amount of funny videos, wanna get back to that, posting where your playing next and at what time is getting boring! Instagram and social media have absolutely changed the whole landscape and in my opinion for the worse, venues and punters alike demand Facebook events and if the numbers aren’t high everyone gets bummed out and writes the show off. Furthermore i believe the absolute deluge of info and stimulation people receive from the internet cheapens a lot of things, in one week people forget and move on. Because theres so much to see, endless masses of videos, music, art! Which is incredible!(?) But i see it as a double edged sword. Its standard practice for a band to have Facebook and Insta, so i guess thats what we’re doing. The amount of interaction bands have with punters now because of social media is pretty cool though. Like i said before, double edged sword.

You can listen to Crocodylus’ brand new single Ghosts by clicking the link below!

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