Contemporary Industry Issues

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It is important to step back and realise our music industry is not perfect. We are ultimately responsible for ensuring it (and the surrounding world) remains enjoyable and sustainable. This contemporary music industry issues course will update you on how both we, and it, are being physically and mentally affected.
Module 1 Contemporary Music Industry Issues We Should All Be Aware Of
We hear from a wide range of music industry figures about what they believe the biggest issues facing our industry are.
Unit 1 Emily Collins - What Are The Current Issues Music NSW Is Addressing [05:25]  
Unit 2 Glenn Dickie - Contemporary Music Industry Issues and Changes [11:56]  
Unit 3 Joel Edmondson - Issues Facing The Industry [04:09]  
Unit 4 Kerri Glasscock - Industry Issues [3:20]  
Unit 5 Hugh Nichols - Industry and Community Issues [5:04]  
Unit 6 Hugh Nichols - Funding [3:27]  
Unit 7 Matt Walters - How Has The Industry Changed [2:51]  
Unit 8 Matt Walters - Top Three Issues [2:31]  
Unit 9 Patrick Donovan - Issues Facing the Music Industry [4:44]  
Unit 10 Nicholas Jones - Changes Issues in the Industry [7:20]  
Unit 11 Stephen Green - The Evolving Music Industry [5:25]  
Unit 12 Stephen Green - Top Issues Facing Contemporary Artists [8:09]  
Unit 13 Studios 301 - Issues In The Industry [1:27]  
Unit 14 Troy Barrott - 360 Deals [2:47]  

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