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It’s time for another guest post by one of our fave guest writers, accredited coach, Viv Fantin! If you like this one, check out her previous articles, ‘Perfectionism: Just ‘Fear In Fancy Shoes’ & ‘Time to Give A Shit About Self Care! Looking After #1 in the Creative Industries’.

Over to you, Viv.

Hey! Are you or anyone you know working on a big event this weekend?

Events are brilliant, funny and strange things that seem to bring out every conceivable, curious human trait on both sides of the security barrier. So how does an event worker sustain energy, composure and motivation when working on a big, creative event that’s looming? (Hello Splendour!)

If I could go back in time to my own festival days, I’d do many things differently. So, with the wisdom of hindsight, herewith lie my coaching tips on the issues that, from first hand experience, can trip us up and can make our experiences far less rewarding than they could be.

Though shalt not engage in the Busy Olympics! Busyness doesn’t always equal productivity. Let’s face it. Everyone involved in the running of an event usually has a shiz-load going on, but some of us ‘do’ busy better than others. Are you falling into the busyness trap? Or have you considered that if you’re NOT busy, perhaps it’s because all the planning has paid off and you have things under control?
PRO COACHING TIP: Accept that it’s hectic and understand that it’s temporary. You’re never too busy to smile 🙂

– Focus on one task at a time. Ok, this one seems counter intuitive when there’s so much to do, but the research is in. Mono-tasking creates more focus, which ultimately results in more productivity. We know we’re capable of doing 3 things at once, but is it actually working for us? Or are simple mistakes being made?
PRO COACHING TIP: Try doing just one thing at a time. Finish it and then move onto the next task. See how that feels.

– Try not to let stress overcome you. Yes, stress is real and sometimes unavoidable. There are external stressors which we can easily identify. But are your internal stressors creating more distress than they’re worth?
PRO COACHING TIP: Stop and think – ‘Is what I’m stressing over within my control? Do I have the ability to influence the outcome?’ If not, then try and let it go. Accept that things will go wrong and things will go right. Will any of it really matter in a week, in a month or in a year?

Be aware of your stress reactions, especially in a group working environment. Some people vent, some people internalise, and others seemingly just cope. Some people have a great tolerance for stress, and others simply don’t.
PRO COACHING TIP: It’s always worth remembering that stress is highly contagious. Don’t get swept up in other people’s drama. If someone is melting down around you, aim for non-judgmental detachment and offer them support (they might really need it). Or have a quiet word to ask them to remove themselves from the group if their behaviour is affecting others. If you’re the person not coping, don’t be afraid to ask for help.

Catching up with non-working friends and loved ones at events can be difficult. Some friends want more time with you than you have, and it can cause tension and disappointment when you’re not as available as they might like.
PRO COACHING TIP: Manage your friends’ expectations ahead of time by explaining that it can be tricky to get away at certain times, and that your schedule can change like the wind. Ask your mates to be flexible and make plans for short catch-ups during your quieter work periods.

Take time out for breaks, water, food and (yes) some fun. You’ll be working longer hours than usual in a heightened, and most likely exhausted, state, but you’re still allowed to enjoy yourself.
PRO COACHING TIP: Don’t neglect basic self-care, and make a plan with your closest co-workers to schedule in time to see your favourite band or catch up with friends. Don’t try to pull all-nighters. It’ll backfire. Pace yourself. Give yourself permission to enjoy the experience, which let’s face it, not that many people get to have.

Just one day at a time, if you can. Tomorrow will be different and not what you expect. Soak it all in. You’ll have great stories for your friends and family, and fodder for that future novel 🙂

Be happy, and have fun. That’s contagious too.

Gold medals all round.

x Coach Viv

Viv Fantin is a certified, accredited coach at Next Act Coaching. If you’re interested in a complimentary 30 minute Skype call to learn more about how coaching can help you set clear, achievable goals, manage stress, and sort through work-life balance along with many other issues please contact Viv on or Ph 02 6687 1965. Check out for more info.

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