Savvy Seven

Emma Donovan’s Savvy Seven

Emma Donovan is an acclaimed Indigenous singer-songwriter. Since starting her music career at age seven as part of family band The Donovans, Emma has gone on to create music known for its intimately personal yet powerful lyrics and vocal delivery. Emma’s over 30 years in the industry has seen her form acoustic band Stiff Gins, join The …

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Stephanie of Something For Kate’s Savvy Seven

In the year of 1994, from the diverse city of Melbourne, Australia, alternative rock band Something For Kate formed. Starting in high school, the band originally consisted of vocalist and guitarist Paul Dempsey and drummer Clint Hyndman. In 1998, Stephanie Ashworth joined as the new bassist and the three have stuck together ever since.  Something For Kate …

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Tim of Boy & Bear’s Savvy Seven

Formed in 2009, Sydney indie-folk band Boy & Bear have just released an acoustic album, At Golden Retriever Studio consisting of songs from their previous four studio albums, including “Southern Sun”, “Limit of Love” and “Suck on Light”. Boy and Bear consists of five band members: Dave Hosking (vocals, guitar), Tim Hart (drums, vocals), Killian Gavin (guitar, …

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Georgia Mae Press Photo

Georgia Mae’s Savvy Seven

Georgia Mae has released her latest single ‘Soul Like This‘ through Sony Music’s Lemon Tree Music. The ballad dons a bold romantic gesture on its sleeve, yet the heart comes from the introspective undertones within its lyrics and the intimate production choices of the Brisbane songwriter/producer.  Following her degree in Music Technology at Queensland Conservatorium of Music, Georgia has put …

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Kutcha Edwards Savvy Seven

Kutcha Edwards is a renowned Indigenous Australian artist who has been combining song writing and activism since 1991. As a member of the Stolen Generations, he communicates his own experiences and speaks on behalf of those that have gone before him. His music touches the soul and should be heard by all. Kutcha has just released the …

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Noire Savvy

NOIRE’s Savvy Seven

NOIRE is a Sydney based Synth-Pop band comprised of two members, Jessica Mincher and Billy James. NOIRE has consistently created a compelling and versatile sound, best experienced through their debut album ‘Some Kind Of Blue,’ which explores songwriting techniques and sounds from genres such as shoegaze, pop, blues and indie rock. ‘Some Kind of Blue’ was produced …

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Boo Seeka Savvy

Boo Seeka’s Savvy Seven

Boo Seeka have made a very successful music career for themselves over the years with bangers like Kingdom Leader, Does This Last and next up on the list of Boo Seeka hits is their newly released single Days Get Better, the second track to be released for their highly anticipated sophomore album. The duo has put in …

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Great Gable’s Savvy Seven

Perth band Great Gable are a testament to the fact that hard work does pay off. Sitting quietly under the radar, the band has wasted no time perfecting their unique indie-rock sound and performing to audiences across the country. Last year was one of great success (and increased notoriety) with the band’s release of their Lazy Bones …

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Ocean Grove. Credit: Sam Wong

Dale Tanner of Ocean Grove’s Savvy Seven

Melbourne’s Ocean Grove have expertly communicated their brand from campaign to campaign over the last decade using eye-catching visuals and familiar-yet-fresh styles. Releasing their sophomore full-length album earlier this year, Flip Phone Fantasy unapologetically cycles through the band’s dearest influences of the early 2000s and landed their second top-10 spot in the ARIA charts.

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