How to Sell Your Music Online: Class 101

With CD’s going out the window or used as coasters, bands now distribute their music online. It’s easy to see why bands are making the jump when 2014 had more than $1,209 Million digital music purchases. As an alternative to outright purchasing, companies like Spotify and Pandora have helped to accumulate 164 billion on-demand music streams in …

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Making an EPK: Class 101

An EPK is your online media/marketing portfolio. Most booking agents, venues, labels, media outlets, etc are crazy busy and get 500+ emails a day. The notion of “attaching” files, especially large size image or sound files has become redundant – now the preferences are for embedded links to an online collection of “assets”. This one link should include access to everything that anyone might need when examining your work: music & web/social media links, bio and/or media release (presser), a range of photos, reviews, any online retail and show information.

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