Booking Gigs and Touring

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How to Book Gigs and Understanding Gig Etiquette
Do you have a milestone venue that you would love to play at? Start to take the steps of learning how to play shows at venues that will accept you, because it takes practice. This Gig Booking and Etiquette course outlines the do's and don'ts of live shows. Answer all of the questions you might feel too embarrassed to ask the venue.
Module 1What to consider before approaching a potential gig/venue
A few tips to consider ahead of your first approach to a venue or event.
Unit 1Chloe Goodyear - Booking Tips and Tools [1:54]
Unit 2Damian Costin - Before Approaching a Venue [0:49]
Unit 3Damian Costin - Tips For Beginners [0:46]
Unit 4Dominic Miller - Approaching a Venue [2:48]
Unit 5Geoff Bell - Advice On Approaching Venues [01:00]
Unit 6Katie Rynne - What Should A Band Or Artist Consider Before Booking A Show [3:06]
Unit 7Katie Rynne - Tips For Contacting And Negotiating With Agents, Promotors or Venues [3:45]
Unit 8Kylie Lovejoy - What Should an Artist Consider Ahead of Booking a Gig? [1:23]
Unit 9Paul Watson - What Should an Agent Consider Ahead of Booking a Show? [2:04]
Unit 10Troy Barrott - Tips For Gigs [1:12]
Module 2How to contact a target venue and negotiate a gig
Some handy communication and negotiation tips for setting up a gig.
Unit 1Chloe Goodyear - Tips For Negotiating [2:11]
Unit 2Dominic Miller - Contacting a Venue [2:02]
Unit 3HITS - DIY Booking Gigs [1:50]
Unit 4Katie Rynne - How Do You Go About Booking A Gig [2:19]
Unit 5Kylie Lovejoy - Negotiating With Promotors, Agents and Venues [1:51]
Unit 6Troy Barrott - Tips On Negotiating With Agents [1:56]
Module 3Typical payment deals and structures
Find out about the different deals available - door deals, guarantees, splits, bar percentages, supports etc.
Unit 1Chloe Goodyear - Types of Gigs and Payment Deals [2:05]
Unit 2Damian Costin - Charging For Live Shows And Payment Structures [3:43]
Unit 3Damian Costin - Understanding Documents [2:00]
Unit 4Dominic Miller - Gig Deals and Payments [2:39]
Unit 5HITS - Gig Deals and Payments [3:42]
Unit 6Katie Rynne - What Different Types Of Payment Deals Are There [4:17]
Unit 7Katie Rynne - What Should You Pay Attention To In A Booking Deal [4:15]
Unit 8Kylie Lovejoy - Types of Gigs and Payment Deals [2:41]
Unit 9Paul Watson - Payment Deals [4:36]
Unit 10Troy Barrott - Gig Deals & Payments [1:35]
Unit 11Troy Barrott - Know Who Pays For What [1:54]
Module 4Questions all artists or booking agents must ask before agreeing to a gig
If you don't ask these key questions ahead of agreeing to the deal you may get hit with a bunch of fees you didn't know about.
Unit 1Chloe Goodyear - Questions to Ask when Booking Gigs [1:24]
Unit 2Dominic Miller - Questions to Ask When Booking Gigs [2:37]
Unit 3Kylie Lovejoy- Questions to Ask when Booking Gigs [4:11]
Unit 4Paul Watson - Steps Once You've Got a Gig [2:58]
Module 5Production and Sound Crew - in-house or BYO?
Do most venues supply back line / production / sound engineers? Should all bands bring their own sound engineer to every gig?
Unit 1Chloe Goodyear - Advice on Sound Engineers [1:37]
Unit 2Damian Costin - Backline and Engineers [1:41]
Unit 3Dominic Miller - Organising Backline and Sound Crew [2:09]
Unit 4Katie Rynne - Do Most Venues Provide Backline Production And Sound Engineers [0:57]
Unit 5Troy Barrott - Sound Engineers [1:28]
Module 6Gear sharing with other bands in the lineup?
What's the go with sharing gear? Hear from some of our seasoned professionals about typical etiquette.
Unit 1Chloe Goodyear - Should You Share Your Gear? [0:30]
Unit 2Damian Costin - Sharing Gear At Shows [1:34]
Unit 3Dominic Miller - Sharing Gear with Other Bands [1:28]
Unit 4Kylie Lovejoy - Should You Share Your Gear? [2:05]
Unit 5Troy Barrott - Sharing Gear [1:05]
Module 7Sound check?
Can bands expect sound check at most gigs? What can you do if there is no sound check?
Unit 1Chloe Goodyear - Should You Expect a Sound Check? [1:38]
Unit 2Dominic Miller - Soundcheck [1:16]
Unit 3Kylie Lovejoy - Can Bands Expect a Sound Check? [2:00]
Unit 4Paul Watson - Can Bands Expect a Sound Check? [2:22]
Module 8Understanding tech specs, stage plots, production riders etc
When the booker or venue/event asks for a stage plot or production rider or tech specs, what exactly do they mean and need? We explain how to put together your list of production requirements.
Unit 1Chloe Goodyear - Tech Specs and Stage Plots [1:08]
Unit 2Damian Costin - Stage Plots, Backline And Tech Specs [1:06]
Unit 3Dominic Miller - Understanding Tech Specs and Stage Plots [2:38]
Unit 4Kylie Lovejoy - Tech Specs, Stage Plots and Production Requirements [3:19]
Unit 5Paul Watson - Tech Specs and Production Requirements [3:14]
Unit 6Troy Barrott - Tech Specs [1:22]
Module 9The Hospitality Rider
What's the go with the drinks/hospitality rider? What can artists get away with asking for? Do venues/events give bands everything they ask for?
Unit 1Chloe Goodyear - Hospitality Rider [1:23]
Unit 2Damian Costin - Riders [1:31]
Unit 3Dominic Miller - Hospitality Rider [1:19]
Unit 4Kylie Lovejoy - Hospitality Rider [3:05]
Unit 5Troy Barrott - Riders [0:51]
Module 10The Runsheet
What is a Runsheet, what information does it typically hold? How is it used, who is responsible for writing it?
Unit 1Damian Costin - Runsheets [1:09]
Unit 2Dominic Miller - Understanding a Runsheet [1:31]
Unit 3Paul Watson - What Is a Run Sheet? [2:07]
Unit 4Troy Barrott - Run Sheets [1:10]
Module 11Some general tips on gig etiquette
Our speakers offer up some handy tips on gig etiquette and how to guarantee that you get invited back!
Unit 1Chloe Goodyear - Gig Etiquette [3:56]
Unit 2Damian Costin - Gig Etiquette [2:03]
Unit 3Dominic Miller - Gig Etiquette [3:13]
Unit 4Katie Rynne - Gig Etiquette [5:12]
Unit 5Kylie Lovejoy - Gig Etiquette [3:42]
Unit 6Paul Watson - Gig Etiquette [5:35]
Module 12Mistakes to avoid
Common mistakes to avoid when booking gigs.
Unit 1Chloe Goodyear - Common Booking Mistakes [1:01]
Unit 2Dominic Miller - Common Mistakes When Booking Gigs [2:09]
Unit 3Paul Watson - Common Mistakes When Booking Gigs [1:38]

The “starving musician” trope is one nobody aspires to, and in today’s climate, sometimes the easiest and most definite way to get paid is to book gigs. But what sort of tone do you use in that all-important first email? What should you include – a bio? A picture? Links or mp3s? All of the above? Whether you’re self-managed or managing someone else, if you’re out to promote to as many booking agents as possible as effectively as possible, this course is full of essential gig-booking wisdom and will help you achieve your goals. Our talented mentors talk you through all the ins and outs of gig booking, including some common mistakes you’ll be keen to avoid. But first – have a peruse of the links below to help expand your own knowledge and resources:

Booking a Gig – The Checklist (printable) – Our very own checklist of everything you’ll need to book a gig! Keep this list handy for whenever you need to make that call or send that email.

State Organisations – Check this page for your state’s relevant organisational body.

Association of Artist Managers (AAM) – A nationwide association focusing on connecting artist managers around the country and addressing the issues that face this side of the industry.

 Music Business (4th Edition) – by Shane Simpson and Jules Munro

 Welcome to the Jungle – Navigating the Music Business in Australia – by Andrew Watt

Ari’s Take – A blog written by US musician Ari Herstand about his experiences managing his own career

And make sure you subscribe to these great newsletters to stay in-the-know about happenings in venues across the country:

Music Feeds Newsletter

The Music Newsletter

Download this wonderful fact sheet and checklist from AMIN to make sure you’ve covered all your bases when making the booking:

Booking Contract Fact Sheet

Booking Confirmation Checklist


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