Booking Agents

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Progressing your musical career means each live show booked should be a confident step forward. Whether that means two or two hundred more audience members, applying tactics to booking is essential. Our booking agents course offers direction and advice for getting involved with this world of strategy and negotiation.
Module 1What qualities and skills should a good booking agent have?
What to look for in a booking agent. If you're interested in becoming a booking agent, is this the job for you?
Unit 1Damian Costin - What Makes A Good Booking Agent? [1:40]
Unit 2Katie Rynne - What Qualities And Skills Should A Booking Agent Have [4:08]
Unit 3Rob Potts - Booking Agent Skills [5:09]
Module 2When is an artist ready for a booking agent?
At what point should an artist appoint a booking agent? When would an agent be interested in commencing doing the bookings for an artist?
Unit 1Damian Costin - What Do You Look For In An Artist? [1:50]
Unit 2Katie Rynne - What Can A Band Do To Get Noticed By A Booking Agent [2:07]
Unit 3Katie Rynne - When Should A Band Get A Booking Agent [7:06]
Unit 4Rob Potts - When To Get An Agent [1:16]
Module 3Preparing and commencing an Artist / Booking Agent agreement
What preparations need to be made before entering into an agreement? What are the first steps an agent should make with a new band?
Unit 1Rob Potts - Preparation Signing Agreement [1:42]
Unit 2Rob Potts - First Steps As Agents [1:26]
Unit 3Damian Costin - First Steps with New Artist [1:54]
Unit 4Damian Costin - Preparations To Be Made Ahead Of A Booking Agreement [2:00]
Unit 5Katie Rynne - Preparation Before Entering Into An Agreement With A Booking Agent [6:14]
Module 4Understanding Booking Agency Agreements
What kinds of things go into a booking agency contract? What should agents get paid?
Unit 1Rob Potts - Agreements, Fees and Exclusions for Agents [2:56]
Unit 2Damian Costin - Booking Agent Agreements [2:33]
Module 5Understanding the role of a Booking Agent
Let's hear what booking agents do, or do NOT do. Understanding roles and boundaries.
Unit 1Damian Costin - A Typical Day [1:47]
Unit 2Katie Rynne - What Should A Band Use A Booking Agent For [3:29]
Module 6What can a good agent do for an artists career
Besides taking over the nitty gritty of booking gigs, what can a good agent do for an artists career?
Unit 1Damian Costin - What An Agent Can Do For A Band [2:48]
Unit 2Katie Rynne - What Can A Good Booking Agent Do For A Band [4:03]
Unit 3Rob Potts - What Good Agents Can Do [1:29]
Module 7What is the difference between a booking agent and a promoter?
Sometimes these roles can merge but let's take a look at the essential difference in roles.
Unit 1Damian Costin - Difference Between Agent and Promotor [1:36]
Unit 2Katie Rynne - What Is The Difference Between A Booking Agent And A Promoter [2:52]
Unit 3Rob Potts - Difference Between Agent and Promoter [0:43]
Module 8Paying Booking Agents - Everything You Need To Know
We discuss how booking agents get paid
Unit 1Katie Rynne - How Should A Booking Agent Be Paid [2:29]
Module 9Tips on How to Become a Booking Agent
Some advice from our leading Booking Agents on how to pursue a career as a Booking Agent
Unit 1Damian Coston - How to Become an Agent [1:21]
Unit 2Katie Rynne - What Does A Typical Week Look Like For You [5:39]
Unit 3Rob Potts - Booking Agent Career Pathway [3:32]
Module 10First Steps A Booking Agent Should Make
Tips for booking agents on what their first steps should be with a new band
Unit 1Katie Rynne - First Steps For A Booking Agent [4:03]



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