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Your Music Release Timeline

5 Things You Need to Know About Getting Your Music On Streaming Playlists

Marketing And Branding Really Don’t Have To Be Dirty Words…

Building A Team In The Music Business

The Changing State of Music Venues In Australia

Week in the Life Of

A Week In The Life Of... Jessie Parker (Custom Made Touring and Artist Representation)

A Week In The Life Of...  Adam Weston (Birds Of Tokyo)

A Week In The Life Of... Leanne De Souza (Artist Manager)


David MacDonald - Artist Manager & Musician

Jess Beston - Tiny Monster Artist Management

Leanne De Souza - Artist Manager

Nick O'Byrne - BigSound

Paul Watson - Booking Agent, Musician

Troy Barrett - Music Manager

Tim Price - Pricewar Management

Dominic Miller - Booking Agent, Musician

Andrew Stone - Artist Manager, GM of Chugg Music

Maggie Collins - Artist Manager


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