Back in December!

Martine Cotton - Founder/Director of Music Industry Inside Out

Hello excellent readers,

I’ve been studying for a couple of years now, and have now reached my final semester. It’s pretty bloody hectic, so have reluctantly decided to put a little pause on our MIIO activities till the end of semester. 

Don’t panic, there is still ridiculous amounts of handy and important content that needs to be read so here’s a handy little scrap of links you could/should visit while you’re here. 

  1. Have you checked out the all-encompassing TOOLBOX full of handy free downloads, templates, links and advice?
  2. How about our $25 Music Industry Field Guide: a downloadable PDF collection that summarises some of the key takeaways of the course content
  3. If you don’t wanna buy membership to the video content, try some on-demand webinars instead. $10 a pop. 
  4. Go through the article archives for specific how-to tips and tricks, or scour the “Week in the Life of” section! So many interesting stories out there.
  5. Of course the serious gold is all in the course content – why not grab a membership and explore some of the timeless topics we’ve got covered: management, tax & legals, touring, marketing etc etc etc. 

Alright, what are you waiting for? Go get amongst it!



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