Tyne Cochran

Stephanie of Something For Kate’s Savvy Seven

In the year of 1994, from the diverse city of Melbourne, Australia, alternative rock band Something For Kate formed. Starting in high school, the band originally consisted of vocalist and guitarist Paul Dempsey and drummer Clint Hyndman. In 1998, Stephanie Ashworth joined as the new bassist and the three have stuck together ever since.  Something For Kate …

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Tim of Boy & Bear’s Savvy Seven

Formed in 2009, Sydney indie-folk band Boy & Bear have just released an acoustic album, At Golden Retriever Studio consisting of songs from their previous four studio albums, including “Southern Sun”, “Limit of Love” and “Suck on Light”. Boy and Bear consists of five band members: Dave Hosking (vocals, guitar), Tim Hart (drums, vocals), Killian Gavin (guitar, …

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Tips for Time Management & Motivation

Sometimes the music industry can be HARD. There are constant struggles that come with it every day, no matter what area you’re in. Whether you’re the one making the music, producing it, managing it, booking it, there is always going to be hard work and hard days. There are limited opportunities, society’s pressure of ‘not being good …

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Week in the Life Of: Emily Ulman

Wow, what doesn’t she do? This week, Music Industry Inside Out got a chance to catch up with Emily Ulman, legendary festival director, music and festival programmer, teacher, radio presenter, songwriter and musician!   Following her studies at the University of Melbourne, LaTrobe, and RMIT, Emily kickstarted her career in the music and entertainment industry as an entertainment …

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Spacey Jane’s Savvy Seven

If you haven’t heard of Spacey Jane by now, where have you been?! Forming in 2016, from Fremantle, WA, the band have certainly made their mark in only a few years. Since releasing their first EP, No Way To Treat An Animal in 2017, they have been sharing new music every year, including a recent single ‘Straightfaced’, …

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