Reece Dargie

Ocean Grove. Credit: Sam Wong

Dale Tanner of Ocean Grove’s Savvy Seven

Melbourne’s Ocean Grove have expertly communicated their brand from campaign to campaign over the last decade using eye-catching visuals and familiar-yet-fresh styles. Releasing their sophomore full-length album earlier this year, Flip Phone Fantasy unapologetically cycles through the band’s dearest influences of the early 2000s and landed their second top-10 spot in the ARIA charts.


Butterfingers’ Savvy Seven

In 2001, ‘Evil’ Eddie Jacobson drunkenly put his name down for a gig at his workplace at the time, Brisbane venue The Zoo. Forgetting about the booking with no time to cancel, Eddie threw a set together with some mates and laid the foundations for Aussie Hip-Hop group, Butterfingers. Informed by crowd response, the band developed their …

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