Recording Your Music

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The studio can be an expensive endeavour filled with pressure, self discovery, and learning. It's an art form on both sides of the glass, so knowing how to approach it is important for all everyone. This course is filled with advice from studio professionals regarding approaches, be it professional or at home.
Module 1When is an Artist Ready to Record?
How do you know if you're ready to record? Hear the best strategies from leading industry figures.
Unit 1Harmony James - When Is An Artist Ready To Record [1:12]
Unit 2Jeremy Neale - When is a Song Ready to Record? [1:59]
Unit 3Matt Neighbour - When Is An Artist Ready To Record [01:19]
Unit 4Lachlan 'Magoo' Goold - When is an Artist or Song Ready to Record [3:16]
Unit 5Lachlan 'Magoo' Goold - Advice for Artists Before Entering a Studio [3:41]
Unit 6Studios 301 - When Is An Artist Ready To Record? [1:34]
Unit 7Tristan Hoogland - When Is An Artist Ready To Go Into The Studio [0:19]
Module 2Things to Consider When Recording Your Music
There are lots of things to be aware of before you head into the studio to record. Watch as leading industry figures share insight into the best approach.
Unit 1Antonia Gauci - Things A Band Or Artist Should Consider Before Recording Their Music [1:59]
Unit 2Antonia Gauci - What Is The Importance Of Budgeting When Recording Music [0:43]
Unit 3Antonia Gauci - When Recording Music Is It Better To Invest In An Engineer Or Setting Up Your Own Home Studio
Unit 4Harmony James - Things To Consider Ahead Of Recording [1:54]
Unit 5Jeremy Neale - Things to Consider Ahead of Recording [2:09]
Unit 6Lachlan 'Magoo' Goold - Things to Consider Before Recording Your Music [6:44]
Unit 7Lachlan 'Magoo' Goold - Things to Consider With Budgeting [6:12]
Unit 8Matt Neighbour - Things To Consider Before The Recording Process [04:09]
Unit 9Matt Neighbour - How Are Producers Paid [01:28]
Unit 10Studios 301 - How Much Money & Time Should You Spend? [2:26]
Unit 11Studios 301 - Paying A Producer vs Buying For DIY Home Studios [1:57]
Unit 12Studios 301 - Considerations Before Recording [1:40]
Unit 13Tristan Hoogland - What To Discuss With Producers Before Going Into The Studio [1:38]
Unit 14Tristan Hoogland - Considering Sync In The Mastering Stage [0:37]
Unit 15Tristan Hoogland - Pre-studio Planning [2:03]
Unit 16Tristan Hoogland - What To Consider Before Going Into The Studio To Record An Album [4:54]
Module 3Different Recording Options
What are the recording options available and which suits you best? Hear suggestions from the experts.
Unit 1Antonia Gauci - What Different Recording Options Are There For Bands Or Artists [0:54]
Unit 2Harmony James - Recording Options Available To Artists [0:57]
Unit 3Lachlan 'Magoo' Goold - Different Recording Formats [3:22]
Unit 4Matt Neighbour - What Recording options Are Available To Artists [03:03]
Unit 5Matt Neighbour - Invest In Home Studio Or Professional Recordings [01:39]
Unit 6Studios 301 - Recording Options [1:15]
Unit 7Tristan Hoogland - Recording Options Available To Artists [4:07]
Unit 8Tristan Hoogland - Investing In A Studio Vs. A Producer [10:25]
Module 4Tips for Choosing the Right Studio and Producer
Hear leading figures in the industry give their tips on how to find the right studio and producer for your music.
Unit 1Harmony James - Choosing The Right Producer / Studio [0:51]
Unit 2Jeremy Neale - Suggestions for Choosing the Right Producer and Studio [1:32]
Unit 3Lachlan 'Magoo' Goold - Tips for Choosing The Right Studio and Producer [2:24]
Unit 4Lachlan 'Magoo' Goold - Roles in the Studio [5:25]
Unit 5Matt Neighbour - Tips For Choosing A Studio And Producer [02:10]
Unit 6Studios 301 - How To Pick The Right Producer [1:09]
Unit 7Studios 301 - What Does A Producer Do? [2:35]
Module 5Tips for Pre-Production
What is pre-production and what is the best approach? Listen as the experts give you their advice.
Unit 1Antonia Gauci - What Goes Into The Pre-production Process [1:32]
Unit 2Harmony James - Pre-Production Tips [1:11]
Unit 3Jeremy Neale - Pre-Production Tips [2:09]
Unit 4Lachlan 'Magoo' Goold - Tips for the Pre-Production Process [5:06]
Unit 5Matt Neighbour - Tips For Pre-Production [02:30]
Unit 6Studios 301 - Pre-Production Tips [0:58]
Unit 7Tristan Hoogland - The Importance Of Pre-production [3:45]
Module 6Home Studios
Do you have a home studio? Compare notes with industry figures as they describe their gear and set-up.
Unit 1Antonia Gauci - What Gear And Studio Set Up Do You Have At Home [1:16]
Unit 2Jeremy Neale - Home Studio Setup [1:30]
Unit 3Lachlan 'Magoo' Goold - Advice for Setting Up a Home Studio [3:06]
Unit 4Tristan Hoogland - Professional Home Studios [1:13]
Module 7Advice for Setting Up a Home Studio
Interested in setting up your own home recording studio? Watch as experts share their tips.
Unit 1Jeremy Neale - Advice on Setting Up a Home Studio [0:47]
Unit 2Matt Neighbour - Equipment You Should Have In A Home Studio [01:01]
Unit 3Matt Neighbour - Advice For Artists Setting Up Their Own Studio [01:49]
Unit 4Studios 301 - What You Need For A Home Studio [2:08]
Unit 5Tristan Hoogland - Tips On Equipment For Home Studios [8:29]
Module 8Advice for Recording in a Professional Studio
Thinking about heading into a professional studio? Watch as experts share their tips.
Unit 1Jeremy Neale - Advice for Artists Heading into a Pro Studio [0:50]
Unit 2Matt Neighbour - Advice For Recording In A Professional Studio [01:33]
Unit 3Studios 301 - Advice For Recording In A Professional Studio [1:33]
Module 9Common Mistakes
What are common mistakes that artists make when recording their music? Learn from leading industry figures, so you don't make the same mistake yourself.
Unit 1Andrew Stockdale - Why You Should Never Accept A Recoupable Advance [02:30]
Unit 2Antonia Gauci - Common Mistakes You See Artists Make When Recording Their Music [1:16]
Unit 3Harmony James - Common Recording Mistakes [1:05]
Unit 4Lachlan 'Magoo' Goold - Common Mistakes Recording Artists Make [3:28]
Unit 5Matt Neighbour - Common Mistakes Made When Recording [03:46]
Unit 6Studios 301 - Common Mistakes While Recording [1:37]
Unit 7Tristan Hoogland - Common Mistakes In Studio Planning [5:30]
Module 10Tips and Tools for Recording Your Music
Extra tips and tools for artists keen to record their music.
Unit 1Harmony James - Recording Tips [0:47]
Unit 2Matt Neighbour - Tips For Recording On Your Own [01:06]
Unit 3Studios 301 - Pathways To Become A Producer [1:12]
Unit 4Studios 301 - Tips & Tools For Recording [0:30]
Unit 5Tristan Hoogland - Interning, Mentors, Working For Free [6:37]
Module 11Understanding The Roles Of Producer And Engineer
It's vital the you understand the difference in roles between a studio engineer and the album producer.
Unit 1Antonia Gauci - What Is The Difference Between A Producer And A Sound Engineer [1:16]
Unit 2Matt Neighbour - The Difference Between An Engineer And A Producer [02:37]

We talk to some of Australia’s most successful music producers and DIY artists about what to consider when planning to record music. What are the different options available to artists these days? With recording your music comes many options about music production and the sounds you are after too, and that will often determine how you go about the processes of recording your music. The video modules will have a lot of information to get you started on the process of recording your own music, but if you’d like to delve deeper into this wonderful realm, here are a few of many interesting links we’ve gathered to help you out!

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