How to Apply for Festivals

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Festivals are filled with excitement, opportunity, awesome music and probably rejection if you're careless. Approaching festivals can be daunting, but if you learn what the common mistakes are, you won't be going in blind-folded. Our guide for festival applications will simplify the process and ensure you know what to focus on.
Module 1 How to Apply for Festivals
How can you find out when and how to apply for festivals?
Unit 1 Chloe Goodyear - Applying For Festivals [1:21]  
Unit 2 Geoff Bell - Tips On Applying For Festivals [01:42]  
Unit 3 Geoff Bell -Advice For Festival Applications [01:34]  
Module 2 Support Material
What support material do most festivals ask for in their applications?
Unit 1 Chloe Goodyear - Festival Support Material [1:09]  
Module 3 How to Make Your Band Stand Out
Hear the best tips for making your band stand out from the crowd when applying for festivals.
Unit 1 Chloe Goodyear - Making Your Band Stand Out [1:05]  
Module 4 Is "Who You Know" Important for Festival Bookings?
How much of getting booked for festivals is about "who you know" and your teams connections? Is there anything an artist or their team can do to draw attention to their application outside the formal process?
Unit 1 Chloe Goodyear - Booking Connections [1:22]  

Applying for festivals can be daunting, especially for the emerging artist. In this course, our mentors, who have broad experience in many different facets of the music industry, teach you how to approach this in the best possible way. You’ll learn essential lessons such as what material to include in your applications, what will make you stand out and what mistakes might cost you valuable opportunities. Before you get started on this great video content, have a look at these helpful links we’ve gathered from around the web:

Music Organisations – Check this page for your state’s music organisation body.

Australian Music Industry Network – A national network for music industry professionals.

 I Manage My Music – A fantastic intensive workshop for self-managed artists, founded by the inimitable Jen Cloher.

Association of Artist Managers – Australia wide.

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