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Music Industry Inside Out is the brainchild of music industry veteran, Martine Cotton. Launched in late 2014 on the back of running extensive regional workshops for musicians for QMusic, Martine swiftly recognised a dire need for a powerful, easy-to-use online resource that allowed emerging and practicing professionals to gain access to the industry's best in order to become their best. 

There are hundreds of artists, bands and young entrepreneurs hungry for knowledge on how to build and maintain a sustainable career working in the music industry. Martine quickly realised that there is a national shortage of easily-accessible, authentic, contemporary professional development information available for the music industry.

Passionate about growing the capacity of the music industry to build genuine sustainable careers, I believe that ‘a rising tide lifts all boats’, and a well-informed industry will inevitably improve its own sustainability. And so, Music Industry Inside Out was born.

2020 team members:
Luis Jacobson, Reece Dargie, Brittany Dever, Tyne Cochran, Bec Micallef and in front Martine Cotton. We wanted to make the most awkward photo ever, which we proudly achieved ha! 

"It can take years to build up your network of contacts and understand how all aspects of the music business work. Giving unlimited access to current, best practice across all facets of the biz is so powerful in building a well-informed, thriving career and industry as a whole."

Meet the Founder

Martine Cotton

Hi, I’m Martine Cotton, a long time music industry worker, marketing/social media manager, event producer/manager, educator and photographer. This project is my heart-and-soul life project. Like you, I’m trying to put a small dent in my corner of the universe, hoping to make the world a better place.

My career in the music industry started way back in the late 80’s, and I’ve proudly gathered a portfolio of careers in and around the music ecosystem, including artist manager, manager + booker at Brisbane live music venue The Zoo (1995 – 2000), Splendour in the Grass Staffing & Volunteers Manager/Gates Operations, QMusic Program Manager, event producer and manager (Queensland Music Awards, BIGSOUND support, UNConvention 2012, Port Douglas Carnivale 2009 – 2012, Tokyo Biz-Nites 2008/9, Tokyo Dr Sketchy's 2007/9, Valley Fiesta 1999 – 2001, Woodford Folk Festival's Oasis Stage and Contemporary Music Program Booker 1998 – 2002), local show promoter 2000- 2002 (Billions, Handsome, etc), booking agent (Sparkletone), tour manager, stage manager, music industry mentor + educator (University of Canberra's Bachelor of Contemporary Music Degree Course) and professional photographer.

What We Offer

We’re not kidding when we say Music Industry Inside Out is MASSIVE! As well as our killer library of over 1,200 videos, you also have access to awesome resource lists, downloadable checklists, templates and factsheets, the national job listings board, a national events calendar and all our great free blog, how-to articles and interviews.

Current Team Members

Jacqui Wirth, Reece Dargie, Tyne Cochran, Brittany Dever

Past Team Members

Bec Micallef, Luis Jacobson, Keegan Li-Sahl, Kate Calderbank, Alex Ray, Melita Collins, Sarah Aspinall-Hill, Kayla Peake, Araminta McLennan, Linzey Boustead, Charlie Armstrong, Isabella Garland, Charlotte Dudaniec, Alice White, Georgie Wimpress, Kurt Boldy, Dan Anderton, Tobias Weston, Ellen Skinner-Asplund, Ashley Mcgregor, Cristiana Linthwaite-Gibbins, Mikey Morrey, Jon Orchard, Brittney Kahl, Kasey Thompson, Brianna Millers, Abbey Askew, Kloe Davies, Keri Newmarch, Bec Wolfers, Dan Weston-Green, Jake Fox, Aimee Bonfield, Avi Misra, Roy Gordon, Ellen Prophet, Maddie Stewart, Jesse Kuss, Hannah Morrison, James Bullock, Francesca Richeux, John Larney, Sasha Folker, Grace Wright, Elizabeth Ansley, Hayley Marsten, Nikki Johnston, Sophie Dique, Daniel Pye

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