A Week In The Life Of… Vicki Gordon

With nominations now open for the highly coveted Australian Women in Music Awards (AWMA) there’s no better time to experience what it’s like to live a week in the shoes of the Awards’ Founder and Executive Director – Vicki Gordon.

Vicki is an empowering music professional having had her first breakthrough in 1988 when she founded the Australian Womens Contemporary Music Inc. – the first not-for-profit organisation of its kind to help support and develop women in the Australian music industry. As Artistic Director and Producer, Gordon found herself kicking goals by pioneering Australia’s first Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Women’s Contemporary Music Festival and first All Girl Rock Festival. In acknowledgement for her efforts she was awarded a Human Rights Commendation and Women in the Arts Fellowship.

Her life’s mission to help nurture a culturally diverse music community didn’t stop there either, launching herself into the role of Company Director of Marketing and A&R at Transistor Music, a role she would inhabit for a period of 8 years. During her time working under the independent music label, she fostered and promoted a number of artists, most notably Vanessa Amorosi. The stats don’t lie with a #1 Gold Debut Album, 6 ARIA Award nominations in 2000, Top 5 singles charting in 29 countries and the record for the longest charting single by an Australian female artist ever! Vicki’s drive to market and achieve results with artists such as Amarosi is truly INSPIRING!

As mentioned before, Gordon now resides in her role as the AWMA Awards Executive Director where she continues to forge a pathway for women in all facets of the music industry. Whether that be in technical and production areas, music photography, publishing, leadership and/or music education she makes an impact wherever she goes…

You can read her ‘Week In The Life‘ below!

A job description in your own words 

I am a Creative Producer working across Music, Theatre, Film, Video and Documentary. I am also a lobbyist and incorporate my commitment to improving gender and cultural equity across all of these platforms.

A brief daily journal over a week (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday)

I write a lot of proposals and have a number of projects on the boil at any given time. This means that I am constantly juggling budgets, writing funding applications, reports and acquittals. My days and weekly activities vary extensively all of which have to be managed on the go. I travel extensively, for example I have been on plane at least twice a week, every week. for some months now. My days include managing people and talent, wrangling locations and permits, managing studio recordings and musicians, creating site plans, creating forum and performance programs, attending meetings, casting, managing government and sponsor relations, approving design and marketing assets, co-ordinating photo shoots, attending opening nights, talking to Artist Managers, paying and writing invoices, engaging with First Nations Artists and Creatives, managing volunteers and speaking with the media.

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Challenges and accomplishments throughout your week

My challenges and accomplishments in any week involve developing an idea; pulling together and managing a team of people committed to that idea; finding the funds to bring that idea to fruition; mobilising and delivering that idea and most importantly, knowing when to let go of an idea and move onto the next. I thrive on ALL of these challenges !

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Highlights of the week 

NZ Maori culture believes in reciprocity, this is very humbling when it comes. Meeting extraordinary people and travelling across this great continent especially into Arnhem Land and working in remote Australia with Aboriginal communities. A glass of wine at the end of the day!

Lowlights of the week 

Never having enough money to fund all the great projects that need to be produced.

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Words of wisdom for people considering a job in your field

Surround yourself with positive people who hold you up; don’t obsess about the people or the things you cannot change; work hard and do the very best you can. Treat people as you wish to be treated and never, ever give up!!

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