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Lincoln Savage is a creative producer with a strong interest in emerging arts and engaging with new technology. He obtained a Bachelor of Technology Innovation from QUT in 2014. He has worked on many arts, technology and music-based projects with a focus on emerging practice, innovation and utilising new technologies. His standout projects include establishing the annual music and arts event Jungle Love Festival, the city-wide Brisbane Street Art Festival and launching an experiential agency Vast Yonder. Lincoln’s latest project set to launch on the 28th of November; is an immersive, multi-day arts and music event known as Yonder Festival.

Lincoln was awarded the annual Brisbane Innovation award in 2016 for the development of an online crowd-sourced platform for documenting and exploring public art, the Art Atlas. Many of his projects are driven by the understanding that a key to innovation is through collaboration, this is reflected in the positive outcomes achieved by bringing people together with cross-discipline projects and engagement focused activations.

With an impressive arsenal of achievements, it’s my pleasure on behalf of the team here at Music Industry Inside Out to thank Lincoln. Cheers for taking the time to chat with us about your work!

A job description in your own words:

I am a Creative Producer. I manage and organise a number of large arts projects, most notably the music and arts festival Yonder and the Brisbane Street Art Festival. My work involves a wide variety of tasks from curating line ups to making sure water tanks have the right hose fittings for toilet blocks.

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I tend to use weekends to catch up on tasks that I have been avoiding throughout the week as the emails tend to slow down enough to catch up. I have a bunch of people to call now that it is within business hours to finalise tasks I couldn’t do over the weekend. I try to get to Yoga every Monday night.


Tuesday is our weekly team office day. Most of the team do one day a week in the planning phase of events so we make it the same day for everyone to give us a chance to communicate as a group and collaborate on tasks. We take a vote on where to go for lunch, most often it’s Tatsu for Katsu. This week we had the first full festival management team meeting for Yonder in the evening. We used this to introduce the people that haven’t met the team yet and run through safety, security, everyone’s roles on site, and generally get excited about being a month out from the event.


I had a few meetings on today ranging from an intern interview, installation artist, on-site meeting for a large scale public art program in Toombul, infrastructure contractor and a Council meeting. In between these, which is much the same throughout the week, I am working through the large amount of emails that forms the core of how I work. I prefer emails over phone calls.


I had a morning on-site meeting with a property management company regarding utilising a large vacant building for arts activation, probably one of the most exciting opportunities that I have on my plate at the moment. I had brunch with a friend who is also the First Nations Producer for a number of our projects providing generous support and feedback on how we engage with First Nations artists and communities. And another meeting at the swanky state government building in the city about a potential public art project in Hamilton.


Another Council meeting this morning to talk about the 2020 Brisbane Street Art Festival program. Back to the office to get anything urgent done before the weekend. One of our team was shooting a music video and needed to borrow some of our backline from the office so we did a ute run to get it to the shoot location. In the afternoon I attended a creative development showing of a theatre work by one of the Digi Youth Arts artists at La Boite.

Challenges and accomplishments in your week:

We are getting close to Yonder which brings up a number of challenges before we head to the festival site on the Sunshine Coast to start building everything. Making sure we have important things in place like public liability insurance or major infrastructure can put a lot of pressure on the team. We have some great accomplishments like getting the final draft of the festival timetable from the designer which really makes everything worth the effort to put it all together.

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Highlights of the week:

This week a goal that I have had for many years, to utilise a large vacant property for emerging arts activations, become the closest it has ever been. It’s not confirmed yet but if it comes through, it will be a major career project which is a massive highlight.

Lowlights of the week:

A lowlight this week has been making some errors with community engagement which will take some time and learning to improve upon.

Words of wisdom for people considering a job in your field:

Build self-care into your weekly schedule early on, while you are still in Uni ideally. It is super easy to run at full speed with the plan to achieve a certain level and then look after yourself but it’s super hard to halt the momentum in order to add in important elements for your physical and mental health. Running festivals and major arts projects is tough, we have to become skilled in so many areas that it can be exhausting, constantly switching between different roles. Figure out what you truly love about what you are doing and let that guide you. For me it is bringing people together in safe environments and facilitating human communication through the arts.

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If you’re eager to see some of Lincoln’s work in action, head over to the Yonder Festival page now!

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