A Week In The Life Of… Anneka Alberts

Anneka Alberts Music Industry Inside Out

Following on from last week’s savvy seven with Ziggy Alberts we have the other half of the sibling power duo, his ‘sistager’ – sister & manager – Anneka Alberts. Anneka has worn many other hats behind the scenes over the years such as manager, tour manager, booking agent, publicist, PA, accountant, merch desk girl, photographer, marketing guru and more.

Anneka began managing her brother and thus began her career in the music industry in 2015, in the hills of France, when Ziggy decided he wanted to do his first European shows and called her on a whim. Within a month, they met up in Holland, and together they began the house show tour through 9 countries during the summer months.

The duo became a trio as the small family team grew along with Ziggy’s music. Their father Tim Alberts joined the team, who Anneka works closely with for all legal aspects. Alberts & Co. Music was founded in 2017 out of necessity for company structure.

A job description in your own words

A constant juggle in every aspect – from emotions to business, creative to logic, and then everything in between. Must be able to herd cats in an open daisy field.

A brief daily journal:

Honestly, I don’t have a structured working week. My 18-month-old daughter essentially dictates when I can work. A day could be anything from phone calls back and forth with Ziggy, (ranging from personal conversations to a one hour straight of cut-throat business banter) to early morning flights to Sydney for industry catch ups. Here is one week in note form:

Monday: NO babysitter – make every phone call I need to make. Spoke with Ziggy about crew for an upcoming world tour, spoke with thesound engineer about production management, spoke with Tour Manager about AUS dates, spoke with EU booking agent about routing schedule for 2019. Lots of these calls happen in the playground.

Finalising 2018/19 release plan with Caisa (newly appointed marketing manager for team Ziggy)

Tuesday: Meeting in the city with a potential publicist over coffee. Head to another restaurant and push out last emails for the day. Head to AAM Management Event (first time on a microphone, whoaza!)

Wednesday: Partner home sick – he gets baby..

Huge clean-up of my task management system Asana
Figuring out who our touring crew for upcoming North America shows will be.
Preparing USA visa application for Ziggy and crew.

Thursday: Partner home sick – he gets baby (again)

Communicating with broker for Public Liability Insurance
Reviewing new routing for European tour starting March 2019
Reviewing p/l from previous European tour to decide travel arrangements
Discussion throughout the day with Caisa

Friday: Partner home sick – he gets baby (poor guy)

Reviewing 77 venue options to shortlist for Australian tour, starting in December.

Challenges and accomplishments in your week

Mainly, how can I be as productive and efficient as humanly possible as I am so very time poor.

Highlights of the week (pros of the job)

I get to work from home doing something I truly love – communicating and coordinating complex projects that overall have a meaningful message in the final ‘product’…

Lowlights of the week (cons of the job)

The NEVER ENDING feeling – no day goes by where I feel I’ve achieved every single task at hand. It’s a challenge for me to mentally switch off work at the end of a day – something I am acutely aware of and working on.

Words of wisdom for people considering a job in your field

Remember that the role you play in an artists’ life and career is so integral, even if this is never highlighted. The better you are at your job the less your artist may realise the complexities in motion before their music reaches their fans. Be proud of that 🙂


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