A Week In The Life Of… Alex Sims

Alex Sims

This week we go through a week in the life of Alex Sims, the PBS 106.7FM interviews co-ordinator! We have a lot of diverse industry personnel giving their couple of cents worth of advice on Music Industry Inside Out and some of the most consistent tips involve persistence and a love for music! Alex has certainly put in the hard yards to get where he is, being a committed volunteer to PBS’s music library since 2012 and getting his first show, a psychedelic/experimental music focused program called Interstellar Overdrive. Psyched to join their ranks, Alex now organises interviews as a part time staff member and he’s absolutely killing it!

We are so thankful to Alex for his responses! Read on below…

A job description in your own words:

As the PBS interviews coordinator, it is my role to organise/coordinate musicians to come on the various shows during the week. I also provide a link between publicists and musicians to the announcers.

A brief daily journal over a week (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday):

I work part-time (Three days a week). So sifting through e-mails is a high priority. Half the day is taken up by responding to emails and updating spreadsheets. Throughout the week there can be various meetings, planning out certain key PBS events i.e Radio Festival (May 13 – 26) and helping out other departments.

On Friday afternoon I fix up all the loose ends and post the following week’s interviews on the PBS website.

Challenges and accomplishments in your week:

Trying to coordinate parties can be a challenge. A lot of announcers have commitments outside of PBS. Trying to find a suitable time for both announcer and interviewee can be difficult, especially when there is a short time period that the interview can be conducted and when different time zones are involved.

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Highlights of the week:

The exciting feeling of booking an interview with someone famous and hearing an interview go to air and knowing you’ve played a part in the organisation process.

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Lowlights of the week:

To be honest, I haven’t encountered any cons, as of yet. There can be some stressful situations like waiting on emails that are somewhat important and not receiving them in time and dealing with pushy musicians/publicists. But nothing over disheartening or negative.

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Words of wisdom for people considering a job in your field:

The best advice I can offer is, if you want a career in the music industry get involved as a volunteer and learn as much as possible and not to become fed up within 12 months when goals aren’t achieved. Volunteering can offer a lot of opportunities that nothing else will. I volunteered at PBS for six years before I had an opportunity of employment. During those six years I have gained unique knowledge across broadcasting, music and history.

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