A Week In The Life Of… A Publicist And Social Media Marketing Agent, Erin Lyall

Erin Lyall

Erin Lyall manages the social media networks, online communications and publicity for an impressive collection of venues across Melbourne, and Australia’s East Coast. She also writes her own blog, full of interesting tidbits and handy info on the worlds of social media and online publicity.

Below, Erin lets us experience a week in her busy role. We follow her through venue meetings, self motivated study, and presenting a social media workshop!

Job Description

I oversee all the publicity and online promo for music and bookings at The Venue Collective venues. We have nine venue clients across three states, including the Corner Hotel, Northcote Social Club, 170 Russell, Shebeen, and Max Watt‘s (formerly The Hi-Fi) in Melbourne, Newtown Social Club and Max Watt’s in Sydney, and Woolly Mammoth and Max Watt’s in Brisbane. I oversee the email and social media databases, manage online content, and work with tour promoters to help get the word out about their shows.

Mondays always start with a strong coffee and a mountain of emails to catch up on.

I start my day at the cafe across the road from the office, which is a handy pseudo-office, given our internet and phone lines are sketchy at the moment due to renovations in the building.

Eventually, I make it over to the office and we say goodbye to a member of the team who is heading to Europe for a few weeks’ annual leave.

We have a couple of new staff members on board, and the rest of my day is divided between training, liaising with ticketing reps and promoters, scheduling show announcements on social media, answering customer enquiries, and planning out a newsletter to go out the next day.

We have our monthly meeting with the owners and managers of the Corner Group venues (Corner Hotel, Northcote Social Club and Newtown Social Club). We go over marketing spend, Newtown’s new free live music night ‘Swerve Society‘, upcoming bookings across venues, an update on the renovations happening at Northcote Social Club and the Corner Hotel, and a few other bits and pieces. Once the meeting finishes up, I head back to the office, respond to some emails and start putting together the first of two newsletters for the week, which takes the better part of the day to get all the bits and pieces together.

After work, I have a quick drink with colleagues, then head over to Essendon North for a meeting. I’m co-facilitating a social media workshop for artists this Sunday afternoon, and the meeting is with the other presenters from Work The Crowd to go over our slides. We wrap up at around 10, and I hit the hay pretty much the moment I get home.

Have a bit of a stocktake day, and go over the ticket sales for every single show announced and on sale at the venues (current tally is 261 shows), and identify shows that need further promo via our networks.

We also have a large number of shows set for announcement the next day, including numerous Meredith sideshows, so I spend some time ensuring they’re all ready to go.

I finish up the day with a meeting to go over some business priorities, then head home, call RRR and renew my subscription (it’s Radiothon time!) and book flights to Cairns for a short holiday post-BIGSOUND, which is now only a couple of weeks away.

It’s Meredith sideshow announcement day and I need to send another newsletter, as well as get the word out via social media about all the shows, so I start my day catching up on emails as fast as possible before planning out and putting together a newsletter.

After I’m done with the newsletter, I scan over my RSS feed reader, paying particular attention to the music blogs – as well as social media and tech update blogs. Social media and the online marketing world changes so rapidly, I like to keep tabs on it and make sure my strategies continue to be relevant.

After the work day finishes, I go downstairs to the newly renovated Northcote Social Club (working above pubs never gets old) for a drink with colleagues, then head over to my boyfriend’s house for dinner and we hang out with his housemates and a couple of friends who have come over to watch TV.

Once again, I start my working day earlier than usual at the cafe across the road for a meeting, except my colleagues are running late and the meeting gets cancelled. I end up using the time researching accommodation for my Cairns trip and getting a head-start on emails for the day.

Most of the time, our office radio is tuned to JJJ, RRR or PBS, but Friday is designated Kool FM day, and the station is pumping out some excellent tunes as per usual. It’s been a pretty manic week, especially with one member of the team away on annual leave, and I want to wrap up the week feeling on top of everything, but it’s made all the easier with our Kool FM backing soundtrack.

Once I get on top of things, I reward myself by getting stuck into one of the Udemy online courses I’m currently enrolled in. I went on a Udemy blitz a few weeks ago and am signed up to a whole bunch of courses, including ones on Google Sheets & Excel, website building & coding, advanced Facebook ads, Photoshop skills and more.

Finish up the day with a glass of wine and head home to prepare for the workshop I’m co-facilitating on Sunday afternoon.

It was my dad’s birthday this week, and we’re having a family catch up over brunch to celebrate. My boyfriend’s household is currently dog-sitting and we take the opportunity to enjoy the warmer weather by walking the dogs to the cafe and back. Some of our friends come over in the afternoon, and we end up settling in for the evening to watch a movie.

My mind is on this afternoon’s social media workshop from the moment I wake up. I drive to Bundoora Homestead Art Centre, where the workshop is being held. After a quick intro from the organiser, we dive into the nitty-gritty of Facebook, and how it can be used by the artists in attendance to promote their craft. It goes well, and we get lots of positive feedback.

Later that evening, my housemate and I head to Cinema Nova to see the new Disney/Pixar film Inside Out, and follow it up with dinner at D.O.C. Pizza.

The social media workshop was a definite highlight this week! That, and booking my upcoming holiday to far-north Queensland.

The continued renovations at Northcote Social Club, where our office is based. They’re nearly finished, and I can’t wait for the drilling and hammering to end!

Words of wisdom
You definitely have to practice what you preach when it comes to social media, so it’s worth having a strong online presence across various networks and keeping on top of the constant changes to the industry, such as Facebook’s ever-fluid newsfeed algorithm. For me, it helps having a genuine interest in music too, of course.

Keep up with Erin online on Twitter at @erinlyall.

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