A Week In The Life Of… A Concert Arena Marketing Manager, Melissa Appleby

Melissa Appleby

Meet Melissa Appleby, Marketing Manager of Allphones Arena. Allphones Arena is a BIG concert arena venue – 21,000 capacity big – located in Sydney’s Olympic Park. It’s been consistently ranked amongst the top 10 worldwide venues, and often houses the shows of giant touring acts (the likes of Fleetwood Mac, KISS, Miley Cyrus and Neil Diamond).

It takes a special kind of moxie to keep up with the demands of a job like this, but Melissa sure makes it sound fun. She kindly gave us a glimpse into a week of her role, below.

Job description

I’m coming into my fourth year with the Allphones Arena team and it has been a crazy ride! As the largest indoor entertainment venue in Australia, Allphones Arena plays host to some of the biggest acts in music and entertainment. My role as Marketing Manager involves overseeing all of the venue’s marketing, advertising, public relations and social media. No two days are ever the same and that’s what makes my job so enjoyable.

Here I was thinking I’d managed to shake ‘Backstreet’s Back’ from playing over and over in my head, but the minute I walked into the office today it was back again! The Backstreet Boys concert was held at the venue on Saturday night and I had somehow managed to recall every single word of that song. Who doesn’t love a 90s boy band classic?

My day generally starts off by tackling a project between 9am – 10am, before looking at any emails. I had concert photos to sort and upload to Facebook, so I did this before checking our social media channels for any new comments. Thankfully, being in the office over the weekend meant there wasn’t many sitting in my inbox on Monday morning aside from a few e-newsletters. I like to keep on top of industry trends so I find taking the time to read these emails is invaluable.

Monday is always an administration day for me, and more so at the beginning of the month when reports are due. Knowing my report was due on Tuesday, I allocated most of today to getting it done. This is probably the least “rock star” part of my job, but it’s really important in terms of rating the success of our campaigns, monitoring the progress of our social media accounts and detailing the PR opportunities we’ve created.

Last task of the day is a quick meeting with the Commercial Manager. We have a weekly catch-up on a Monday afternoon to discuss all things events, marketing and social media. After this I head home for dinner with the family.

Today we all shifted into Motley Crüe mode. I’m responsible for booking the entertainment in our Grand Foyer, so I spent this morning making sure we had all the details necessary for Saturday night.

My next task for the day was to work with our event operations and catering team to set up a draft of our information eDM (event-driven marketing), which is sent out two days before an event. These emails contain all the information patrons need to know about show times, traffic and parking, food and beverage offerings and any promotions or activations we’re running in the venue.

After lunch I had an event meeting, with representatives from each department in attendance. These meetings help us finalise our event plan and are a platform for to discuss the tour and anything we need to organise ahead of time.

My afternoon was spent planning the venue signage for other upcoming shows and updating the Allphones Arena website. Left work slightly later tonight so I could head straight to indoor soccer – unfortunately a win wasn’t on the cards!

The first part of my day was spent developing an eDM campaign for a special ticket offer we were advertising, followed by the scheduling of promoted Facebook posts. After checking my emails I did a walk through of the venue to ensure all of our venue banners and light box posters had been installed and were ready for this weekend’s event.

In the afternoon, we took some time out to celebrate one of our team members becoming a new dad. I spent the rest of my day answering emails and working with our Digital Marketing Coordinator to update venue marketing collateral and venue signage.

On Thursday I had a meeting with our Commercial Executive to discuss new marketing materials to be designed for our corporate hospitality offerings. Next task of the day was to finalise all of the details for our house photographer, so he was ready to shoot the show on Saturday night.

Today was my last day in the office for nearly a week, so I had to finish up any projects I had outstanding and leave a handover for our Digital Marketing Coordinator. Most of my afternoon was spent preparing for the week ahead.

I took today off work to prepare for the 2015 Asia-Pacific Venue Industry Congress (VMA) in Adelaide next week. I’m taking part on a panel first thing Monday morning and needed to run through the topics ahead of time. The panel is addressing venues and their use of social media. I’ve invested a lot of time in building our social media presence over the last few years, so it’s a topic I’m quite passionate about!

Motley Crüe was performing today and I had the day off. I was still on-call so had my work phone nearby in case I received any calls while I was out of the office.

I was up late tonight ready for Robbie Williams to be announced. Event announcements are always confidential, so rather than scheduling any updates it’s best to have someone manually updating the website and our Facebook page.

I was up early this morning to catch a flight to Adelaide for the VMA Congress. After checking in at the hotel I caught up with some of the wider AEG Ogden team for lunch. Next stop was a welcome function for first time VMA attendees and a Venue Management School reunion.

In the evening I attended a keynote from Richard Andersen and met other VMA members at the welcome reception. After some dinner at a restaurant nearby, I came back to the hotel and tried to get prepared for the panel I was speaking on the next day.

Travelling to Adelaide for the VMA Congress.

I generally work every second event, so I’d have to say the only lowlight from this week was missing Tommy Lee and his drum rollercoaster at the gig on Saturday night.

Words of Wisdom
Working in the music industry requires a lot of hard work and dedication, but you are certain to have a lot of fun along the way. Nothing beats that moment when the house lights go down and all you can hear is a crowd of thousands cheering. Knowing you had a part to play in that whole experience really makes you feel like you’ve achieved something great!

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